A Week in Wallpapers: The Road to BlizzConline

Over the week starting on Friday the 12th 2021 until BlizzConline 2021 released I will release the remaining walls I have left in my wallpaper series for the Diablo IV reveal at BlizzCon 2019; By Three They Come.

deviantART Diablo IV Gallery

As of this post its been two days and I have already posted 20 wallpapers. I have posted them all in a Journal post on deviantART. I wanted there to be a central place for them.

deviantART: A Week in Wallpapers: The Road to BlizzConline

I’m doing something similar on twitter as I will be replying to the thread and adding everything to it I post on deviantART.

twitter: A Week in Wallpapers Twitter Thread

I will be adding extra Diablo IV, Diablo III, Diablo: Immortal & Diablo II wallpapers throughout the week as well so look forward to that.

Thanks for the read and enjoy. See you at BLizzConline!