A rant about spinners

Does anyone else notice that there’s a definite bias towards spawning spinners when your follower has Nemesis bracers equipped?

I have no idea about the %, but it seems spinners are the predominant spawn from Pylons. I get one-shotted a lot by this stupidity. Playing HC this season was a non-starter because of this mechanic.

Am I alone in thinking this?

I agree and you are sure to die.

I noticed it last season, as well.

Considering there are only like 3-4 mob types that spawn with the Nemesis Bracers, then yes, spinners are very common!

This has been the case for quite a while. At least 2 years now as far as I can tell.

I know that spinners (and a few other monster types) are a curse to Impale but do they affect Gears of Dreadlands?

Dune Dervishes (when spinning) and Sand Dwellers (when issuing a sand cloud) reflect projectiles. I believe Hungering Arrow is classed as a projectile and, if so, you’ll very easily kill yourself with this.

I’ve just never experienced the sudden death procs with Hungering Arrow/Devouring Arrow. And I also haven’t seen any problems in that direction mentioned anywhere from players using the GoD build.

… the only nuisance I experience when clicking pylons is that there is often a sudden burst of damage when the champion pack is activated that tends to activate my follower’s cheat death if smoke screen or gloom isn’t active or something.

More than that, I believe it’s more like 7 years since RoS was released with loot 2.0.

This is likely because of the pierce cap. Since they nerfed the Ninth Cirri Satchel, the reflected Hungering Arrows are probably getting clogged in the density, if they even reach the dervish in the first place.

I never had (or heard of) the problem with GoD even before the pierce cap.
(Not saying that the arrows migth not count as projectiles but the interaction with spinners is at least not in the same manner as with knives from impale).

I think same monster type and spinners has been a bug for eons? Spinners are the only thing that procs me. regularly…

I find it only happens when they’re spinning pretty much on top of you for GoD.

Ah…the joys of a Festering map with three pylons that all spawn dervishes…


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… and Juggernauts!