A question about Ghostflame?'

The ancient ghostflame I got had spirit barrage , which is not used in Arachnyr set, and did not help me one bit . I had to use the arroc needle which did have a firebat benefit. Was it supposed to do this or do they get random skills?

all random but they all have a bonus of 100%+ to some skill…

Thank you. Considering how rarely they drop I would think they would fix the skills to the proper weapon. But RANDOM IS MOST IMPORTANT.

Ghostflame gives you a 200% damage bonus to Secondary skills, and that directly benefits Firebats (and Locust Swarm, if you choose to use it). Even though the Spirit Barrage buff is worthless, the other benefits of your Ghostflame might yet make it more useful than other weapons.

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I ended up switching to the newer set Mundugos? It is 1000x better than Arachnyr and I am progressing much faster. I used to like Arachynr… still good for dungeon requirement though. It seems totally flat and no real kick to it anymore.