A new challenger appears (new build)

SS based barb build. Mote6-Captain Crimson 2p-High CdR push variant. Storm cleared 121 at about 2100 paragon and 120 gems. At 4000-5000 paragon, this build is another challenger to barbarian pushing builds.

Give it a go guys.


On Eu season there is a guy that cleared a 119 with 1k para without any caldesan with barb. Seems to be stronger than a 121 with 2.1k para + caldesan.

This is non seasonal clear.

Seasonal clears are not used as a measure due to circle buffs.

Really interesting build, i think it has a lot of potential and it’s a decent alternative to hota builds.
Thanks for sharing it.

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you are right. circular buff is up to 2x dmg or cdr/rcr but still a worth a look?

at 5000 paragon its a good build huh?
A dog turd at 5000 paragon would run high GR.
Stop botting.

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If I ever get to 5000 paragon I will.

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