A Diablo Game taking place during Sin War?

I think that would be awesome. For once we could make war against both the High Heavens and the Burning Hells…

And for once, the Hero of the Game is not corrupted by Evil (as in the heroes of Diablo I dan II) instead making the ultimate sacrifice to save humanity.

(I have no idea if the Nephalem of Diablo III would meet the same fate as their predecessors. Have to wait for Diablo IV to find out.)

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So play as Uldyssian? Or as another mortal-Nephalem who helped assisted Uldyssian as an unsung hero?

Either way, it would be interesting.

That said, while the heroes of Diablo 1 were corrupted by evil, the same can’t be said of the Diablo 2 heroes, as for the ones that we know of, they hadn’t been corrupted.

  • Sorceress Isendra - Took in Li-Ming (D3 Wizard) as a disciple, until she was murdered by an assassin sent by Valthek.
  • Amazon Cassia - Returned to Skovos Isles to further train her people in preparations of the coming evil (According to HoTS).
  • Necromancer Xul - Took up an apprentice, Mehtan (and Lethes according to Diablo Immortal).

So once again, for the most part, the Diablo 2 heroes had seemingly avoided the corruption that the Diablo 1 heroes had suffered from.

Now as for the fate of the Diablo 3 heroes, as you said, we may have to wait for Diablo 4, before we see as to whether they have perished, suffered imprisionment, became corrupted, and/or still out there weakened but still fighting against the darkness.

I stand corrected on the heroes of Diablo II.

Anyway, I would like to play as Uldyssian. But as the character has been designated as male, probably playing a hero acting as his confidant would make more sense. This way, we can play either gender, and the game could weave a new perspective on the conflict.

Like, the hero would open the narrative: “Let me tell you a story about Uldyssian and the Sin War.”

The bittersweet ending of the story would make a great closing despite a lot of people already know how the story would end.

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Yeah, playing as a confidant would definitely work. As there’s a number of ways that the overall campaign and the campaign’s ending can go (without actually messing up the lore of course).