A Barb Response to the Lamentation Nerf

Well for one I think that they made a huge mistake tying huge power to one build that relies on skills with no real opportunity cost, and buffing Ambo to apply Rend AND give it a huge damage bonus. I can see them not wanting to go through trouble of balancing it, especially in a game that provides next to no stable revenue.

I maintain my position on that assuming people making decisions regarding the design of a multi million dollar product would be petty enough to nerf things because of “muh class” is childish.

I mean, they might very well not know what theyre doing, but not that.


quick report with WW Barb Rend on a 138 without season power active (NS):

10,200 paragon, insane gear, 9,000,000 sheet damage

Crimson, Zodiac, COE, BK, Taeguk, Trapped, Stricken

Spent a few keys for a floor 1 fester with decent trash

damage is garbage

sorry folks

it’s dead

You’ll be back to fishing insane maps to clear many tiers below other classes unless you’re on Season and have the season power

Just like many predicted, Blizzard over-reacted, and now this change is live for the entire season and they’ll hide behind the season power obfuscating their horrible balance


They do not deserve your dedication. Today would be a happy day for me in D3. I’d come back home, spend some time with my son and then, after he slept, grab my axe and slay demons with WW Rend, as I used to do in 2013 and 2014. Well, now… I’ll guess I’ll just play another game.

Gratz for killing it for us!


Was that with your barb or did Ze Darkpatater already start testing? I even posted on his channel hoping he’d get a few tests up and running today. EDIT: I hopped on his stream just now and he’s playing around with Crusader so I guess you’re talking about someone else. Either way:

It will say a lot if high paragon/gear barbs already push the limits of this build NS and help identify the ceiling - this could quickly bring us to a valuable consideration of the ceiling and then compare that accordingly in the context of the devs nerfing Lamentation before real testing could be done.

Thanks either way for the post.

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Once again blizzard did it!

I feel sorry for us


I’m shocked. Blown away. Absolutely amazed. If I wasn’t already sitting down, I would have fallen over. Just completely overcome with shock. Never saw this coming. Couldn’t have guessed it in a million years. Starting to hyperventilate from the blow to my system.


R.I.P. WW Barb

Hope “karma” gets the one who made the nerfing decision in whatever way he deserves.

P.S. Like Meteor said, maybe time to move to other game or activity.
And I won’t definitely buy D4, for one year after relase at least, maybe never. I have no trust in this company anymore.


Seriously if a Barb spec becomes top then it needs to be something other than WW.
D2 was all about WW (apparently).
When paragon was first introduced the first player to 1000 was a WW Barb.
WW Barb pretty much caused monster power to scale so high.

So if you want buffs for Barb focus on other builds

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Perhaps Devs should play the game instead to learn whats what. Is clear after this many times they either misinterpret the data they are given or their BI team is giving them garbage to look at.


no the first persone to paragon 1k was a crusader
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aNIamZRHbI Gabynator


They do play the game, and it’s clear that they main Wizards… :man_facepalming:

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If Blizzard hired Free, Nubtro, Rage and other great players from other classes this game would obliterate all other ARPGs.

I repeat myself: the best that Blizzard could do by now is implement mod support, so we could create a community unofficial patch.


To Ulma’s quote and to a significant point in my opinion:

Why is it that Barbarian is constantly reduced in PTR while no other classes are?

Why is it that Barbarians always get the we think we overshot it, we’re going to scale it back and then address it in a future patch?

Why can’t Barbarians be OP, if that even happens, for a patch/season? I would argue there was no data to say Barbarians would have been an outlier despite certain propaganda efforts by some players who don’t like Barbarians.

So Wizards got a ridiculously overpowered Chantodo for 6+ months, and Barbarians can only have a moderately powerful build for 6 days, on PTR?

I’m extremely disappointed in the way Barbarian updates are always handled. This is a common occurrence and I don’t understand why.

At least the Crusader Set ended up looking good. I’ll give some credit there I guess.


Yup. Apparently the monks are not overly enthused with their buff either. Saders apparently are which everyone expected. HotA is a bit better, I did 100 with one imbued item at 75 in a LoD (1800 paras) so it’s way better.
As for anything else, I’m glad I am going back to work so I do not end up flagging myself into oblivion with the bun fight that is inevitable and I won’t see it fortunately for ages. Keep the facts coming. The site needs it.

Oddly enough, these changes are the only thing to have actually got me excited about Diablo again in the past roughly 2 years.

And the nerf to these changes resulted in me uninstalling the game.

I was very excited for this patch up until today. Now I have no plans to ever bother with this game again.

All I wanted to do is play WW barb and have it be viable while not being a ZDPS support. Shame on me I guess.


Completely agree with everything, although I have different feelings towards this part:

I would blame her, partly. She is our CM, she is supposed to be our voice and line of communication to the dev team and advocate for what the community at large wants.

The “We’re Listening” and other posts that have boiled out to more lies has continued to prove that we have no one here for us. There is nothing but radio silence.

They said they were going to be more active last year. It never happened. We got a few extra blue posts this year, all of which had nothing to do with topics that mattered to the community at large. Instead, every time they come to pretend to be active, it’s to post in a topic of a general question from a new player that could be answered just by visiting the main site of the game or via Google.

There is never any line of communication at all from her or the devs. At this point it would literally make no difference if we got 0 blue posts a year vs. the few we do get now. Nothing would change.


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I agree, someone suck at their job and need to be called out Loud at some point, just like that. I totally agree with you.

This may be the most truthful comment out of all of this.


You can wait a little bit longer, cuz in the next season blizz will came up with another excuse why they couldnt buff barbs and they will promise us, they will buff them next season, so on and on and on. You know, they heard our war cry, but i guess they need a hearing aid since they gave a s*** about us.

Just played some rounds and it was terrible, i have absolut no desire to play s19 after this fiasco.

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