800 paragon? WTF?

I don’t understand! Why the CAP? I play solo and I’m already up to paragon 600. So I quit playing after two weeks and wait for the next season? What about non-seasonal? Is that going to be capped as well?


Non seasonal remains uncapped. As of now the cap will be for S29 only.

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The actual cap may also be increased before S29. We don’t know until the final patch notes are released.

It’s worth noting that you still gain paragon levels past the cap and the accumulated XP will be fully added to the non-season once S29 ends.

Treat the cap as a challenge. Find the limits of your own skills.

I mean I guess this change is good in terms of giving players more of an even playing field to compete with each other on the leaderbaords.

But I also think this would just make most players quit the season even faster. After you reach the cap the game pretty much just becomes like D2 and D4, your just playing sessions hoping a better item drops, imagine playing a 4+ hour session and you head to bed knowing your character didnt get any upgrades. This is why the infinite paragon progression was good imo, the more you played the stronger you got even if you didnt get any item upgrades. It gave players like me that feeling of accomplishment whenenver we ended a session of D3 knowing we got a little bit stronger even if it was +10 to main stat.

I feel like it makes more sense to me if non seasonal had a paragon cap, and keep seasonal infinite.

I’m sure initially when the season starts there will be a rise in playerbase but I think it will die very quickly. Idk maybe im wrong, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


Even the (few) players who are in great favor of the 800 cap have stated that they don’t play any season more than an absolute minimum.


It’s been well over 20 hours playtime since I last got an upgrade this season, without the consolation prize that is paragon I for sure would not have done that.