800 Paragon = Too Low!

Do you actually pay attention to the things that come out of your face hole?

We where talking specifically about people that reach paragon 10 000 in a season. Your math was laser focused on less than stellar efficiency. I then gave a real life example of significantly better efficiency and you counter with “the average player can’t do that”, when we weren’t talking about anywhere close to the average player in the first friggin place.

Holy hell.

Fully agree OP, season 29 will be dead within a few days if they keep the paragon cap so low…


These 8 trillion xp per hour, did they include the permanent 41% bonus xp from the shrine ine S28?

Or are they simply the 20x GR140 XP figures?

41% is a major part of this, therefore I think it’s important to verify

Where exactly are you getting 41% exp bonus from exp shrine? It gives 25% bonus, IF you get it as one of your 6 buffs during a 3 minute run.

If you’re talking about effective bonus, between shrine/kill streak timer increase/pools lasting through death? then I can’t help you understand this.

In S28 it’s permanent for each character. You still need to activate it on each character once. That’s what they meant.

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The 41% exp comes from the always-on pools bonus granted by the Mirror node of the altar.

The enlightened shrine +25% is one of 6 effects, 5 shrines + power pylon – granted by the Father potion.

One altar power is the permanent xp pool (after you activated one with your character)

The pools bonus is 25% but double dips on the closing xp of a GR for an effective XP buff of 41%

On top you have the chance to trigger an XP shrine for another 25% xp buff

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The experience shrine buff is permanent on your other characters? Weird… I never experienced a permanent shrine buff…

you mean, if you click them, right? because they don’t give you infinite amount of xp bonus.

so… it’s not always active, like you’re claiming, and not an effective 41% bonus to experience…? Wild.

The bonus from the xp pools is always active.
The additional bonus from the shrine, which can be triggered with the potion is not.

I wrote that in the post you quoted, therefore I wonder how you came to your wrong conclusion

You have to click it ONCE per character and it will stay active for the whole SEASON. Pretty much permanent after unlocking
They DO give infinite amount of bonus xp in S28.

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You argued against something I already did the math on and gave a figure for, because you’re too lazy to read.

Still doesn’t change the fact that if you do the math, time played divided by days it’s been since season start, a lot of the accounts with 10k+ paragon would have to have been playing 14hrs+ per day, for 6 months… nobody has that attention span. Sorry, it’s just not happening.

if you want the time calculated with xp pools? it would take 8 hours per day for 132 days straight of JUST grinding GR145.

Honestly, like 90% of your posts are just dogwater takes, so I’m going to put you on ignore and live a better life.

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yeah right, running out of arguments so you now move to ad hominem … real classy