6500 XT Low Performance

I have had the same problem for over a year with Low fps, low utilization of the gpu. Tried everything from windows power management, vsync, freesync, 32-64 bit client, sound, repair of client, cpu cores setting etc.

Today I think I found a work around sort of with using DXVK. Utilization of GPU goes up and playable frames between 80-120, lows at 45 ish. Still some stutters but it works.
Though reading up on DXVK I can’t seem to find if it’s okay to use or not under ToS guidlines.

Does anyone know if it’s okay to use DXVK under Windows?

If I am reading this correctly:

A Vulkan-based translation layer for Direct3D 9/10/11 which allows running 3D applications on Linux using Wine.


Does that mean you are using this on a Linux system with Wine?

You do know this isn’t something that Blizzard may provide support for, right? Or am I misunderstanding something about the tool??

You post about this having low performance on a 6500XT, but there is no context. I mean, unless someone knows what DXVK is, how would anyone know you were running a non-standard OS to play a Windows OS based game?

You see what I’m saying?

That’s like asking why a Ford Eco-boost engine isn’t working at its peak in your car, when your car is a Volkswagon Beetle and you fail to mention that part, other than naming some obscure modification that only works on a Beetle. lol


Further digging into this thing I had not heard of before, it apparently can run under windows, but they have this to say about it:

While using DXVK on Windows may generally work, especially on a clean and well-maintained Windows install, we do not support it officially. Many issues with running DXVK on Windows are outside of our control and cannot be fixed within DXVK.

There is also this:

Third-party software

Third-party software that interacts with D3D11 and/or Vulkan at the API level will often interfere with DXVK and cause it to crash or not work as expected. This includes the following applications:

  • Any overlay provided by game launchers (Steam, Epic Games Store, Uplay, Origin)
  • The Nvidia GeForce Experience overlay
  • The RivaTuner Statistics Server overlay
  • Open Broadcaster Software recording
  • Certain game mods (e.g. FiveM)

While any of these may work with DXVK, please disable any potentially problematic software when running into issues.

I suggest you review the details here:


Ultimately, I doubt Blizzard will give you any grief, but if you are having problems with the game running properly with it, then the first thing they will suggest is to remove it for troubleshooting.

My guess is, there is something else going on with your setup that something like this shouldn’t be required at all.

I mean, the game isn’t that demanding.

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