6 games modes on PS5 confused with 3?

Ok so its 2 am central and I went back 14 hours to see if anyone has asked the question, but I didn’t see it. Also on my account it says I am an active Diablo 2 player but I can’t post in the regular forums lol? The Beta was super great btw. It was a little laggy on hit detection but movement and all other loading was fine. A timer for buffs would be cool. Anyway on PS5 I noticed 6 game modes. I understand what ladder, hardcore and classic are but very confused on what is different with non-ladder, standard, and expansion?? Arn’t all 3 of those game modes playing non-ladder, not hardcore and using all 5 expansions?? What is different about them? Thanks for everything you guys are doing PSN: Jimbodius_Jones