350 cursed chest Playstation

I have been trying to do this chest with 3 others for about two months and have been unsuccessful. Can someone please help me get this last conquest?? Thanks

Playstation of same name.

use “the cursed peat” bounty in act 5.
i dont play console so you may need to get a mutlishot DH to do it.
on pc a few aoe builds can solo it

does console have community group channels?
i own the game on console but i havent played it in years.

And for the benefit of others that don’t play it on console…

This Conquest is extremely difficult on console. It’s much easier on PC. The enemies just don’t spawn fast enough to get up to 350. You absolutely have to have a High AOE damage build and a bit of RNG luck on your side.

I have the game for both the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X. On the Xbox I did it Solo using a DH with a Multishot build. I’ve been trying to help a few other people using the exact same setup and the closest we’ve gotten it 342. The main difference is that I did it solo, so I had a templar to help with resource regeneration. You could also use an enchantress to help with cooldown reduction. On the Switch, I ended up gearing up another DH in couch co-op mode with the same Multishot build. Since I can’t control both controllers, I used rubber bands to keep the buttons held down for the other controller. Between the two, I was able to get just above 350.

I have been doing the cursed peat quest… hundreds of times… closest I’ve gotten was 338 with two WOL monks, and two necromancers. YouTube videos make it look easy… all have paragon over 1100.

If anyone can help us get this Id appreciate it. I request to get it through 4 different characters as they are my family members who play and want to finish… we have went a second route to do a hardcore character to try to finish it as well.