2nd Q report, Activisions 2019 Priorities

Across Call of Duty®, Candy Crush™, Warcraft®, Hearthstone®, Overwatch®, and Diablo®, we are expanding our development teams and resources so that we can accelerate the delivery of content in our pipeline, pursue new business models, broaden our communities, and delight our players. We saw encouraging early progress in several of our flagship franchises, with new in-game content reinvigorating our communities and delivering improved Q2 trends.

Just a few notes:

  1. 327 million players in Q2.
  2. Blizzard had 42 million players in Q2.
  3. Expanding into other markets.
  4. New PC releases.
  5. 40,000 will be at Blizzcon.
  6. Big up front launchers are coming.
  7. More games and content are coming.
  8. Talked about mobile and e-sports.
  9. Everyone is so happy, everything is great (my words).
  10. Remastering games.
  11. New IPs coming, they will not talk about them.
  12. JAB talked about WoW and Classic, nothing about Diablo.
  13. China CoD on Mobile.
  14. They did not answer the question about Diablo in China.

And was the question “how many phones you got?

Activision Chinaguy face:


#'s 4, 6, 7, 10, and 11 sound interesting…

Still not holding my breath for anything that we actually want though.


#9 “Everyone is so happy, everything is great” is what Blizzard have been telling everyone for years now. IS IT? IS IT ACTUALLY GREAT, SHIELA!? TELL ME!!!


Reminds me of that cartoon meme with the dog sitting in the burning room. “This is fine.” lol

*edited to correct quote.


Think they indirectly answered that with:

This one just made me LMAO!!!

They might want to check YouTube for the original D:I trailer.


Executives need to use positive spin to make things sound far better than it really is otherwise the investors won’t reward them with shiny new Ferraris.


This is from the PP presentation and while this may seem innocuous on the surface I think it pretty much sums up that things are only going to get worst because the priorities reflect a corporate strategy to sustain growth under diminishing IPs.

More turnover.
More monetization.
More mobile.
More casual.
Milk it dry.

Where is the logic in that. That is marketing dumbass 101.

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50 dollars per share look into it its a so cal base so its a good start

theres positive spin then theres outright lying, the line about everyones happy is utter horse droppings or the whole “we hear you” thread was a lie :open_mouth: not like we didnt know the answer to that one when it was posted in the first place.

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They saw a small rise on stock after q2 report like I suggested. If they skipped the Diablo in China question I think that means they still act cautious against chipset bans.

D4 & OW2.


Post-apocalyptic and cyber-punk settings maybe?

was once the master of the city now lays like a sewer rat amongst the rubble

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