21.9 and black bars stil a no no

I can expect they just can’t get the game to run right passed 19.9 but really black bar stil.

Why not just stretch the game to fit a 21.9 like valve does with csgo

You can probably do that in your graphics driver options. What’s your graphics card?

Bear in mind isometric games look awful when stretched. Proportions are all gonna be messed up

I use to stretch my game to full screen, then I switched it to 1280 x 960 a few years back and liked it much better with the black bars. Yesterday I switched it to 1024 x 768 and I like that even better with the black bars all around the screen. It looks fantastic.

I got me an old windows 98 computer with a 4:3 lcd just to play retro games (not just D2, a lot of DOS stuff as well), and I play it on the actual 800x600 resolution. No multiplayer though, because I don’t dare to put a windows 98 machine online. It’s the only way I enjoy D2, because I’m extremely picky with input lag, monitor refresh rates, etc, and glide wrapper in particular introduces some noticeable input lag, about 70ms I’d say. My reaction time and perception are extremely sensitive because of all the time I spent playing rhythm games, they ruined me a little lol. And well, I have an actual Voodoo 3 card in that retro machine so no need for glide wrapper since I have actual glide.

I no fan of it. do try and remove as much of it as I can. roll on olen 21.9 monitors

Luckily I didn’t notice input lag in the beta of D2R. I did notice internet lag though, but that’s honestly something I can endure better than input lag.

same but i have tryed to cut as much input lag out of my set us as i can

Oh me too. I’m probably one of the few people in this planet who cares about the polling rate of his keyboard (only because of osu!)