+2 Pickup Radius vs Primal

I have been using an Ancient Inna Boots with:
+610 DEX
+590 VIT
+120 AR
+497 Armor
+2 Pickup Radius
+Health Globe + Life

Then I found a Primal:
+All Resist
+Tempest Rush

Tempted to use the primal because “it is a primal”, but Tempest Rush roll is irrelevant on this.

What do you think?
a) Ancient boots is better; Salvage and forgot this primal
b) Keep it for future builds

Its minimum upgrade on the primal, pickup however is not as crucial in push than speeds.
Inna boot is more a push spec than speed (speed inna equip crudest oppose to cube it).

Its up to you how you feel -2 PU affects your gameplay experience, Inna is not likely to change set bonuses, so its not worth to keep TR skill for future builds