2 PCs can i play on both with only one copy of the game

Hi Everyone,

I work away from half the time. I preordered the game and installed on my laptop while I am away from home at my job. When I go home next week can I install the game on my desktop and play with the single purchase of the game? Any help or info is very much appreciated.

Yes, but probably not simultaneously.


Thanks, Ya I won’t be playing simultaneously since I leave my laptop away from home and only use my desktop at home.

Yes, you can. Your license is tied to your Battlenet account and lets you install D2R on as many of your PCs as you want. You access that license by logging in through your Bnet account. You can only play one at a time though.

Also keep in mind, if you play single player offline, you will want to put your chars on a memory stick or something.

Online chars will always be there regardless of the PC you use to log in. They are saved server side.

Not saying you were planning on it, but do keep in mind account sharing is not allowed (except one minor child you are the legal guardian of).