2.6.7 patch live on console versions

take a chill pill dude



Why no link?

Patch notes with no S19 start date? WTF?

Why is this some kind of insane state secret?

So now the hole wastes set was rewamped and is all about rend? No whirlwind dmg at all?

New item. I can’t link. Darn =P


[Won Khim Lau]

  • New Legendary Power: Hitting with Tempest Rush will activate Cyclone Strike, and both skills deal [500-600%] increased damage.

I don’t care. Just get it done when you can so I can figure out what to do about season 19. Thanks for the heads up.

That’s coming in the Season Preview blog, which will be later this week.

I’ve been working on getting all these communications through approvals and localization since last week. It’s coming, guys. I know it’s later than normal, and I wish it could have been a lot smoother this time around. It’s a process I normally have down to a science.

There were a lot more mitigating factors this time around that caused delays, and that lands on me. Some were controllable, most were not. I’m aiming to get that communication out Thursday, so long as I get everything back and delivered that’s needed.

Thanks for your understanding. It’s been a rough couple of weeks, and I know you’re all eager to hit the ground running in S19.



Just tell us the freakin’ date already.

MY GOD. This shouldn’t be kept under such an obscene shroud of secrecy.



So reading between the lines, season 19 is 100% not starting this Friday then?


Not this Friday, no.


Well we got the answer at last… 22 November it is then :frowning:

I was, not so much anymore.


So most likely 11-22 or 12-6. Thanks for the update.

That’s all you needed to say. A week ago. You should really ask management to get their boot off your neck and stop throwing you into the arena with the lions wrapped in raw meat.

  1. That is INCREDIBLY lame and disappointing. The last 2 seasons had a 5 day gap between seasons. It is really sad to see things going BACKWARDS and getting WORSE. Sloppy, discouraging garbage that indicates LESS support for D3, not more.

  2. Why is it so hard to post the freakin’ date?

  3. Why no news about the BRUTAL group forming bugs?


It’s a sad, sad day if it takes them until 12/6 to do S19.
It had better be 11/22 or they may literally be riots.
Oh well we can do the challenge rift, play fallen order, watch exile con and get hyped by many things not D3, well done Blizz.


Patch notes are up here

“We will be announcing the Season 19 start dates with the Season 19 preview blog, which will be available before the launch of Patch 2.6.7. We’ll update this post when that blog becomes available.”

Season 19 date before launch of 2.6.7.
The cake was again a lie?


Thanks for letting us know. Now I have a few extra days to consolidate my season and non-season stash tabs. I hope that you feel better.

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This is what had me stop in S18 about 1 month in or so - it was a really promising start. Then I can’t even invite people on my friend’s list to group. That, plus the start of WoW Classic, plus the fact that some 6 weeks later or so many of the social bugs have not been fixed, PLUS the fact that Barbs did not get enough love this patch, means no S19 for me.

I get that Nev and others are working hard. I fully respect that - I have a very demanding job. But we are customers in this relationship and we do deserve some transparency here - the bugs in the social part of this ruin the game. I cannot come online and for 40+ minutes try to get a group going even IF there are sufficient people online to get a good group going.

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I think that console patches have to be sent earlier to be approved by Sony and MS, which means that the patch has been set in stone for a while now. Probably even before Blizzcon.

Though it’s not impossible that the PC version would get an unnerfed Lamentation.