[2.6.7] FIST OF THE HEAVENS & Aegis of Valor GR110+ Build

BUILD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRM1Gn-Avqo

GR105 Demo Clear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdXRc0hzXaU

Hey Guys!

Patch 2.6.7 brought us a new CRUSADER set for the Fist of the Heavens!

Over THREE YEARS ago i created and tested this build with Akkhan set and barely scratched GR65.

Time have passed though and power creep has dramatically increased with damage being in trillions, so one of the most underused skills got a major buff and i am actually quite happy as i loved the skill back in the day!

The Build will easily go into 110+ with decent paragons (1500-2000+). My gear is very mediocre and not even fully augmented with just 1700 paragons.


With Invoker + Crimson or LoD Blessed Shield or LoD Condemn you can go 130+. So I fear this set will be useless. Another wasted opportunity, but, hey they nerfed Chantodo, so we can feel good (just for a while).

Now we lack only a strong nerf to Bazooka…

Hello Angry,

Thanks, entertaining as always – hopefully this is not the final build guide and we get some more buffs!

I am posting this diablo fans link with Norvald for variety:


This version is about accepting that your AC buff will drop – it takes out the trash a bit faster and it helps to drag elites. The play style feels just like LoN blessed shield but without the big punch (yeah – you’re going to die a lot too).

Yeah unfortunarely it’s not as strong, but let’s hope for the buff! It’s PTR, so it will happen i hope.

Yeah Norvald is indeed viable, albeit much slower to zap since 2H. :slight_smile:

PS: Sorry for invalidating direct links guys. Forums have been upgraded and my multithousand postcount is gone. Looks like i am not allowed to post links for now as now my postcount is next to zero.


Where the fk u been?? Are you coming back to D3 or still doing that gay PoE of yours??

haha. Just a little bit hyped for a new set, so blew the dust off my characters to check new stuff! Not getting back to D3 as i’ve explored it all a long time ago and all the old problems like bots and rfit fishing are still there, unfortunately. I might update my old builds though when i have the time.

@Angry use the code block </> and you can still post cold links.

uhh… ohh… duhhh. Thanx!
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damn so many new BUFFS on these new forums

haha icic… looking forward for more vid if u doing them. Missed your style… not that gay PoE content though haha.

thx for the guide! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I really like the aesthetics and feels of the set, but it definitely needs some help.

Another items like bracers, or preferably a shield/weapon that adds an additional multiplier and/or effect for FotH would be nice. Cubing Furnace just feels so passé these days.

Also would have been nice if the set created some synergy between Fist of the Heavens and Heaven’s Fury. Might make the build even more of a EDM lightshow than it already is, though.