144>145 ns with low paragon

Hi, im solo player with 144 clear (~500keys used). Im playing NS so only pure character mechanic matters and i cant and i dont want to use seasonal mega buffs. I dont care about.

My realm is Europe and im sorry for my bad english in advance.

My planner:


Gems are tageuk, stricken, simplicity - its obv. They are max lvl.

Here’s my options to customization and few random questions:

I dont have good amulet, my choices are:

  • 20 cold, 10 cc, 56cd, arcane res
  • 950 vita, 10 cc, 99 cd , no secondary (exp per kill)+ 700 dex caldesan
  • 18% life, 9.5 cc, 100 cd, 12k life per kill + 700 caldesan dex

Its FoT’s ofcourse and i have to take one of them. Wich one will offer best profit? I value vitalilty same as dex cuz im running with at least 1m life pool anyway. So paragon 1 dex = paragon 1 vita. Any kind soul can calculate this amulets for my dh?

Ring: i got chooice between dual crit + ad and dual crit + physical damage ancient ring. Both are ancient with light res as secondary. Any reason to drop ad one and try physical dmg one? This is about my Restraint’s.

My Focus on planner is my only good one, should i sacrafice time and mats to get dual crit + ad instead current one?

Perfectionism vs Numbing Traps - im more durable with perfectionism (i like resist 10% bonus especially) but it can be just “feeling”. Numbing traps works in strange way - it seems HA’s doesnt proc this passive. Is that right?

Is legendary power on WoClarity damage reduction multiplicator?

Which line will be better for me on cloak? 130 all res or 11% elite reduction? Im using all res rolls on pants / shoulders / boots / belt already.

Is 7% meele reduction better then 210 physical resist? If it depends on my total physical resist how much i wanna have to make 7% meele better then next phy res roll?


  • ancient dex/9cc/44cd/20ad/phy res + caldesan
  • non ancient 10/50/20ad/7as, arcane res - with enchantress i got higher breakpoint right on them right? is this option worth even trying?

Im trying to optimize my pistols but dex/vit/ad (and cdr on valla) seems optimal for me. Vit is so valuable here and 10% dmg seems crappy and i dont feel any difference. I can roll 1k vit on dawn into something other but it is worth it? (Im adding vitality from paragons anyway, and its at least 2k).

How valuable in my current status is ranged reduction? Im using enchantress just cuz she offer 6% and i got ancient WoClarity with 49% legendary reduction with 20 cold/dex/vit/6cc and 7% ranged. Is this better then my 50% ones u can see on my planner?

My gameplan is make balance between dps and survi and close 145 as 5,3k paragon dh. What u say? Thanks for advices, please see my planner before u advice (cuz my items are not very perfect). I like fishing and im ready to burn hundred’s of keys.


howd your 144 clear go? eventually theres a ceiling and more and more fishing is the only solution, but if youre doing that already, are you confident 145 is doable? is this where you’d stop?

Hehe we definatly do have a different view on what is low paragon and what isnt xD. But gz on the clear


Which line will be better for me on cloak? 130 all res or 11% elite reduction? Im using all res rolls on pants / shoulders / boots / belt already.

Is 7% meele reduction better then 210 physical resist? If it depends on my total physical resist how much i wanna have to make 7% meele better then next phy res roll?

I tried to figure this out too. No definite answer anywhere. I kept 11% elite on chest (with dex & vit), had to choose between physical resist and reduced damage. On paper they should net about the same damage reduction, maybe a bit more for physical.
But melee/ranged reduction count against some elite affixes, and physical will be only physical, so tough choice.
I went with melee on chest because I already have ranged on bracers.

Gratz on #16 EU DH, awesome accomplishment.

5k para is low when you are competing against 10k players.


I’m in your paragon bracket, I put fishing on hold at GR143 (5k) until i feel like going at it again. I found Flavor of Time is better for consistency than anything else. I have a mediocre trifecta FoT and even cleared GR142 without missile dampening.

To answer your questions:

  1. I’d go with your first FoT option with the crappy 56% CHD.
  2. I went with physical range on one of my F&R rings, over AD.
  3. I like Numbing Traps – it’s applied by hungering arrow itself.
  4. Yes, Wraps are a 50% damage reduction multiplier.
  5. Elite reduction % is preferred, i’d combo that with Phsyical Resist, All Resist, one of the 7% secondary resists, and LPK is nice too.
  6. I like Physical resist better than melee reduction, it’s one of most underrated gear rolls – it gives you more than 7% DR per roll against many types of attacks.
  7. The next breakpoint thing is moot unless you have the correct AD/CDR rolls on your weapons, gloves, rings, quiver etc.
  8. At our paragon, 1k of either stat is worth less than 3%, the damage % is worth 5% – go with the 10% damage if you can.
  9. Ranged reduction depends on the map’s enemies – I don’t prioritize it, it’s a novelty on Chest, Bracer and Amulet. Whether it’s a map with thralls, porcupines, quill fiends, etc. you’re going to get pegged in some capacity, good recovery negates these attacks anyways.

On my GR142 and 143 clears, I ran full defense:

  • FoK
  • Sentry: Guardian Turret
  • Boar
  • Leech
  • Numbing Traps

In the few 144 push attempts, I swapped guardian turret for Caltrops:Bait the Trap – i like planting this on the Oculus ring. This can be worth 20% more damage if you stay in it 100%. I’m unable to switch to Wolf+Caltrops, not enough paragon.

Even at our paragon, we should be able to go beyond GR145 with really good maps, double/triple missile dampening, power on boss. These maps do exist.

Probably the best thing you can do is farm more amulets and paragon.


5K paragon is low? Must be a metric to imperial conversion i missed.

Red is #16 on the EU leader board. He is competing w accounts that have up to 12k para, so yeah, 5k is low.


Thanks, that’s very kind and pretty much true.

DMKT - thank you, very strong post.

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So everyone has low paragon except maybe 15 people?

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The context the OP used is relative to those around him doing the same level of GR’s. By that metric, it is considered low paragon.

Is it low paragon in a general sense? Of course not. Is it low for the level of GR’s he’s attempting compared to those around him in non season? Absolutely.


Agreed. This is the same as in my case GR140 at 3200 paragon (there are a few others that did it around 2800-3000 though).

Yes, we know. Everything is relative…as Einstein said and so on. Still when you are 2,6k Para on NS yourself , dont consider yourself to be “low paragon” then see a the title of a thread like this , go into the “huh?”-mode, and then click on the char to see he has twice the paragon , it puts a little smile on your face.

Never said Reds 144 isnt impressive. And y, compared to some 12k Paragon-Players its low, true.

The narccisistic parts in me rise up. I feel the urge to make a thread called “133–>135 Season with half the paragon of low paragon” and see how much confusion i can create, jk xD

Mäh, completly forgot the important part…the real answer.

Afaik: Yes

My suggestion would be a different path: Cube the Elusive Ring , then use Smoke-Screen on Autocast. This will give you a huge Toughness-boost and much freedom, defense-wise.

This extra-def can also increase your dmg as it will allow you to stay in the occulus-ring in situations where you might not be able to do so without it.

It also enables you to take more aggressive passives to then balance things out and creates less stress as you dont have to gather the perfect mob-mountain until some cold-phase triggers.

They are about the same, due to wudjo and i believe, but im not sure about it, Phys Res also gives you DMG-Redcution against Physical Ranged attacks like spears witch would make it the better choice overall in many cases.

The reason you dont need a big difference is that you roll 10% on dawn it gets split between those 2 weapons …so its more like 5%.

A roll to consider when you have enough toughness might be +10% elitedmg when you have trouble with those

In terms of defense , the ones with Ranged Reduction might be the better, option, yes.

Mhh tough one. Number 1 and 2 shouldnt be that far away from each other but number 1 should be the overall better option due to elemental dmg. Due to D3 Planner this gives you roughly 15% dmg-boost and the missing cd are about 7%

So at this Point Amulett number 1 is about 8 % ahead of amulett 2 in terms of raw dmg.

But then you have the caldesanns on Amu 2 which is another 4%. So Amulett 1 should do roughly 3 % more dmg than Amu 2.

In this case you can consider Amu 2 if you are lacking a little toughness.


Yup - i also do this, and i really like it. I dont like the wolf so much however as it dies pretty often and i have the 15% dmgboost just half the time anyhow.

Here i prefer Marked for Death with the rune that gives you basically 15% areadmg. You place it on a mob…and then try to gather enemies around him, and before him so he gets pierced last and gets some big dmg-spikes. 15% of this dmg is then shared to other mobs in a radius around him

In that case, it is up to the reader to interpret the context correctly when gazing over the title and the thread material. :slight_smile:

They are quite different. The grim reaper rune distributes an extra 15% of the damage taken by the target to nearby targets divided evenly. On the other hand, 15% area damage, applies 15% of the damage dealt to all nearby targets 20% of the time, and this effect affects all mobs not just the one that is marked.

Lastly, the base rune effect of Marked for Death of 15% additional damage taken is additive with many other multipliers including Taeguk, Hungering Arrow, Odyssey’s End, Strongarm Bracers, etc. So it ends up being much less than 15% (in the case of solo, about 7%).

You might be getting close to that bracket when the season closes, if it ever closes.

2779, thank you very much!

pskill, im seeing about 2% for the dex after adding the paragon pts, which sounds more like it. 3 let alone 5% is a pretty big difference. same with dropping coe imo, absolutely too much dmg to give up for more toughness. losing more dex in para is way better, even tho it might not make up 50%, you still do need to kill things on the way

Well maybe i did not write that clear enough. It is some sort of area dmg…it is not the same as 15% ad. I am aware of that, but thx for pointing it out. Might have confused others.

But i wasnt aware of the second point Mäh. Are you sure about that? It felt like mobs were melting a lot faster …but then also there are to many variables in a gr to really get more than a subjective impression.

guys is there maybe a list - which multipliers are additive with taeguk etc and whiche are multiplicative no matter what? I bet such a list might help.

…me for example xD

Mhh, so the Wolf is the better option dmg-wise? Or are those 15% also additive
And am i assuming right, that my 15% dmg buff is gone as soon as my wolf dies?