Zealer with grief enough for ubers?

Hey all, just got the nine keys to do my first uber run. Was wondering if a zealer paladin with fanatism and and a grief is strong enough to get this done?
I tested him on uber izual (or whatever he’s called) and went through him like butter (sub 10secs). Thought it would be much harder so I figure I must be ok for uber trist?
I’m running a 30ed G-face, fortitude, grief, HoZ with a p-diamond for res, 8% string of ears, soul drainers, BKWband, raven and gore riders.
What do the diablo gods say?
Will I get my a** handed to me by uber trist?
Edit: I’ve also got charms for max all res, 88%fhr breakpoint and some lifers (oh and torch and anni plus 1 skiller)

On BN I even did Uber with black runeword. Lilith was a pain but mainly because of those witches around her. I used a life tap wand which was also a pain as Black was slow to kill Ubers. Grief speeds up killing a lot due to the huge smiter damage it has as compared to black or other CB weapons.

Probably a good idea to bring Dracul or life tap wand with you. And you must be prepared for the level 20 conviction from Meph. I just put one point in Salvation.

In offline games I ran Uber many times with Grief Dracul.

How many points do you need in smite and holy shield to easily uber? Thinking of FoH hybrid build (max holy bolt and FoH), which also helps to clear mobs I believe, and can farm reasonably

Also is it worth it to get conviction high enough to out-lvl Meph’s? May get Beast for fana but that’ll sacrifice Grief which I guess not worth it?

With a lvl 21 Conviction you can overwrite Meph’s aura and render it useless.

Who has 21 points left? Better spend only 1 point.

Do you know what skillers are?

Grand charms with +skills, for example +1 to wacries(barbarian only)

if your conviction isnt level 25, why are you even using it?

op try swapping to dracul’s grasp and you’ll survive better. Weaken is bad overall.

how many do i need to break phys immunity for mobs like harpies and ghosts in worldstone keep?

You can’t break phys immune.

You’ll want Azurewrath, LightSaber, GrimmerShred, Demons Arch Balrog Spear… something that deals elemental and/or magic damage… on a swap weapon.