You have not been online in 30 days. Cant log into game

I cannot log into D2 Resurrected. I receive the error not been online in 30 days. I have fresh installed on a new computer and wanted to come back and try season 6.

I have tried to delete the cookieban (I do not have that file in the localapp because it is a new install on new computer)

Tried changing regions, running as admin. Nothing has worked. What do I do?

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I’m in the literal exact same situation that you are. Blizzard, some help here for the people that paid money to play your game?

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had the same issue, in my case I found that I needed to start the game from the blizzard app not a shortcut. Don’t know why.

Same thing here. I did not use the D2R shortcut. I have BNet logged in and I can see the icon in my bottom right tray as being active. I still get the message I have not been signed in in the past 30 days. I hit the ESC key and it just says Connecting to Battle Net and then the error again. Can’t play at all.

Same problem here. Bought the game here a few days ago, fresh install on laptop, booting the game from the launcher just goes into a “contacting” “you have not been online in 30 days” “contacting” “you have…” endless loop. I checked under appdata/local/Blizzard Entertainment/ and the ClientSDK folder that holds the cookie.bin is missing. I installed on my home PC, and after “contacting” I got the EULA, agreed, and everything works fine. Only difference is that pc is on my home ethernet, and the laptop I tried from my home wifi. So what I think is happening is the laptop isn’t getting the EULA screen during startup, and agreeing to probably downloads that ClientSDK folder with the cookie.bin file. This whole 30 day thing is BS for people who just want to play offline.

OH, and I put a few tickets in, the first ticket reply was a copy paste of their connection troubleshooting page, and the second was “hmm, no idea, have you tried asking in the forums?” Its crazy that they require the msinfo and dxdiag considering no one is even going to look at them. Its insane that an issue that is clearly on their authentication server side or the way the game DRM is set up is the problem, yet they have no suggestions other than “lol ask the forums”

Yup same thing. It has been almost a month for me with no help. I guess my purchase of D2R was a donation.

Just happened to me, logged on bnet PC and mobile, open the game, the game crashes straight when clicking or getting this message that I have not been online in 30 days. I fully uninstalled and reinstall and same thing again, can’t play anymore… this is stupid. There is no explanation nowhere to fix this issue, I’ve just opened a ticket to blizzard, will wait their answer.

unistall the game and reboot. install the game back. worked for me

Are any of you guys back online with the game yet.

I found this for next time it happens :-

On PC I’d recommend to try deleting the folder located here:
C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Blizzard Entertainment\

Once that folder is deleted, restart the app and try launching the game again to see if you no longer get the error.

On Xbox you may need to try reinstalling the game fully.

This has worked for everyone else but me.

Nope. Havn’t worked for me. Still cant play. :confused:

Hello everyone, has anyone been able to reconnect to Diablo 2 Resurrected?

I have been in touch with tech support they were a great help absolute genius.

I received the generic Dear jon email.

So, I think I’ve discovered why I can’t get back online it is due to the GPU,
I am running a 1050Ti and have noticed that the recommend GPU has been updated to 1060.

On Investigating this further I have not been able to find a fix for this or a work around.


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