Xbox controller locks FPS on PC

Using an Xbox one Bluetooth controller locks FPS to 64 when it is connected to the PC. When using an Xbox Series controller, and on mouse and keyboard, I get 144fps constant.


Same issue here… It’s as if the “console” or controller UI is just frame locked.

I noticed this as well! Using a Xbox One controller VIA bluetooth seems to have a impact on performance. I have my game locked to 72 FPS using the in-game FPS lock, however, when I connect my Xbox controller and the UI changes to the controller layout the FPS dips. The FPS goes down to 60-65 and sometimes in the mid 40s when more action is happening on-screen.

The only troubleshooting I’ve done so far is downloading the Xbox Companion App and confirmed my controller is running the latest firmware.

Update: It was mentioned in a Technical Issues thread by another member to turn off controller vibration. I did that and my FPS is back to normal. I’m also seeing regular utilization of my GPU (90%+).

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Turning off controller vibration doesn’t seem to help for me. My fps also stays at 60 when using kb&m or controller. It only changes briefly when the gui adjusts from clicking a button on the controller. For me there’s just a delay in everything I click on the controller, including the thumbstick for movement. It happens in the options menu even.

I’ve confirmed my xbox (one) controller is on the latest firmware, and works fine if it’s physically plugged in. The issue only happens when I use a bluetooth connection.

OMG it actually works ! thanks you man, you deserve the trophy.

I could not play mouse and keyboard and was so sad I was locked 65 fps.

120 fps now !! thanks god :slight_smile: