WW + Frenzy stacks bug?

With the changes to all IAS affecting WW speed (not just WIAS), I made a barbarian that uses both Frenzy and WW–hoping that the Frenzy stacks could be used to hit some of the last frames of WW. I used the Warren IAS calculator, which is current for 2.6, to calc the IAS requirements to hit some of FPA breakpoints. It seems like WW, while under Frenzy stacks, hits less often. I understand that the additional movement speed can create that perception, but even when I do very tight WW triangles, it seems like WW hits less often than when I WW without the Frenzy stacks. Can any other players confirm this? Thanks!

Ww is all messed up now since 2.4.

In order to be sure you gotta test it with a polearm since it has the best reach. You are probably moving so fast that you leave attack range of the enemy.

The duration of ww is also based on the time it takes to reach the point of destination you chose. You getting there faster means less hits. It’s why when an enemy slows you, you can do an insane amount of damage.

Ww used to alternate hits every 2 frames (it used to be 1 hit then 2 hit then repeat) with dual weapons. 2.4 changed this and now both weapons hit every 4 frames. This can also affect the amount of hits you get now depending on how fast you are because if you stop right before a 4th frame you get no hits whereas previously a 2 frame hit was so fast you almost always got a hit near the end of a ww. Its why it was designed that way and another reason how the devs ruined it.

I guess the bonus is that “technically ww is an aoe skill now” but its worse on single target enemies. You still get 2 hits if only a single enemy is present but if ww stops before a 4th frame you miss out on damage.

The best science you can do is pace out how far a 4 frame ww travels and then figure out the best length at what speed to travel to get the most hits in.

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Wear Heavy Armor and Walk. Less Movement speed total to stay in range of monster.

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