Ww bvc ladder softcore exclusive ringcam footage

not the best not the worst i think lmk constructive critizism my first tele ww baba
(3) Diablo 2 resurrected pvp barbarian slaughterhouse!!! - YouTube

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Ww is my jam and I see where I think you need some improvement with your attacks and evasions, but anything I’d say would be armchair in it’s nature as I have no experience with pvp. I can tell by your in town movement that you’re competitive energy is intense.

One question: Amp and Decrepify not allowed?

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no time for curses ><

It’s be hilarious if you were skilled enough to cast slows missiles then decrepify then tele-stomp into ww on that necro! :joy:

good idea i should get a sanctuary shield for wep swap and i have another grief i can put on incase i get caught offguard

but yeah it was extremely fun dueling the necro was one of my first necro matchups