WW barb question

My setup
gface w 15/40
Edeath zerker
EBOTD zerker

Question regarding WW

  1. the total IAS is 95. with EBOTD. Does this apply when I am hitting with edeath?
  2. does the CB and deadly strike from edeath also apply when I am hitting with EBOTD?

For 1 I’d put it into the calculator D2 IAS Calculator and see what you get. Since off weapon IAS counts for WW now, I don’t see why IAS from one weapon wouldn’t factor into the speed of the other, but I’m not sure.

For 2. No, those effects only happen when hitting with Death.

Both no, each hand is calculated separately when it hits.

i found my answers.

  1. everything but ias is calculated per each hand.

  2. ias of 2 weapons are added and divided by 2. so technically, u can have 60ias and 0ias. this will result in each weapon being 30ias each.


i heard its based on mainhand only. so the ias of offhand no longer matters, but this is just what I heard.

It’s wrong. The ias bp if calculated per hand.

that’s what I thought, thanks.
on a second note, very difficult to find about this information on Google. Top lists are filled with old infos.


I think I am right. please check warren calculator.

If you run the numbers on the warren calc, the third table is the combination of the 1st and 2nd. And that’s how two weapons are calculated.

I could have misunderstood this info. but as AFAIK the third table reflects my understanding of the game…

i know about the calculator. It’s just i didn’t know if that calculator is based on current patch.

its based on the current patch. this is for the newest patch.
*usually when a dude has 1000+ post, he might know a thing or 2 about the game. unless ofc the dude is a troll.

The calculator is also correct for druids.

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