Wish blizzard would fix arctic blast

Arctic blast is a pretty fun skill to use on a higher level druid, unfortunately the way the tree works it will always be worse damage than tornado.

I had the idea to go a pure cold druid build, hurricane, arctic blast and spirit wolves.
Unfortunately for me the game just doesn’t allow that type of build to flourish because tornado is way too strong.

What I mean is, if you put max out arctic blast, cyclone armor, hurricane and tornado. (not twister); even if you run a doom with 60% -enemy cold resistance, and fight a boss like diablo in hell who has equal physical and cold resistance. Tornado is still going to out damage arctic blast even with only 1 point in twister.

From what I can tell (correct me if I’m wrong) but -xx enemy resistance doesn’t extend to the spirit wolves either, so while you can invest in them it doesn’t make up for the fact that tornado is just the better choice. You’re also ruining your hurricane damage by not maxing out twister, which makes tornado even better of a choice over arctic blast.

Basically my point is this: an arctic blast build doesn’t have to be better than a tornado build, and it pretty much never is because of all the cold resistance in the game, but if I want to run Arctic blast, then tornado should not be better than Arctic Blast with -xx enemy cold resistance and only 1 point in twister (a big synergy for tornado)

My solution would be to buff how fast Arctic blast deals its damage, or to give it another synergy with hurricane or have spirit wolves synergize with arctic blast to give it more damage. It would be nice if hurrican’e synergy’s weren’t both twister and tornado too. If you want strong hurricane you are forced to go tornado build, but I want to be able to go arctic blast pure cold and its not really possible with the way the synergies are set up right now.

I know this is small potatoes in terms of asks but it would be nice imo.

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I love hurricane and hate tornado. I want to be a hurricane bear or hurrigeddon, but Blizzard made the synergies with stupid tornado.

So back in 2002 i was the very first Arctic Blast druid main to reach level 99 hardcore, and let me tell you, it was a struggle due to the mechanics of the turret-like spell.

For 20 years i’ve been tempted to return to my Arctic Blast roots, but i just cant. I dream of a day they add a 100x multiplier to the spell, or just turn it into a Burn (damage over time similar to poison nova damage) rather than a stream of feeble mass projectiles.

Oh baby, the dream that one day you could spray over a full group of dense cows and they’d all turn blue for 2 seconds similar to how they turn green when a necro poison novas them, and the arctic blast would 100% Peirce so it isnt useless. Oh im getting all excited just thinking about how cool that would be. Get it, cool? haha

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“i just found an amazing 3ele/20fcr all res life diadem but it dawned on me that even though it rolled godly, it’s not a pelt, and a 5 skiller pelt with similar stats would be better right? why isnt the player in the video using a pelt? do pelts not come with fcr?” -Bravata

I was able to run hurricane on fireclaws werebear and it was really nice for the chilling effect, but yeah, can’t afford to beef it up

Try out project diablo 2! They have an Arctic blast build that synergizes with tornados and hurricane and does massive damage. It’s just what you dreamed!