Wind druids need some love

i nearly play wind druids exclusively, and im finding with all the buff’s and changes classes have gotten including the shapeshifting tree’s, fire and summoning wind seems to fall behind. while end game gear for fire with sunder charms and infinity can make a fire druid very destructive wind doesnt have that level of accessibility. while reapers troll is a 33% chance on level 1 decrep, that hits (if your lucky) 3 targets for maybe 10 seconds?

Id like to see a large buff to Tornado damage. in high end gear with full charms your looking at 6.5k ish unless your running a 5 nado helm which its roughly 7k? this is keeping in mind if we’re attempting to stay at 163 fcr.

while Tornado doesnt get any additive bonus’s like true physical like crushing blow or open wounds it doesnt scale with any Aura like true physical.

if tornado doesnt get any access to these id like to see base damage with full synergies be around 4 to 4.8k. if my math is is roughly correct that should bring the damage up to around 9-10k in complete end game gear. (maybe alitle more)

another welcome change could be making the tornado hit 3 times to make up for the lack of damage. i understand it pulses a aoe damage on cast then another a second or 2 later but it simply isnt something that can compete with any other end game farm character. ( im simply talking for PVM not pvp) like the exploding epileptic Martial arts sin , Javazon, Sorc builds even Posion Nova Necro’s and hammerdin’s.

while at the moment we have the metamorphosis runeword for shifters we dont have a solid option for the caster builds unless you get a god tier 5 nado pelt or a 2/20 circlet with good mods. maybe make a better caster shield runeword that cant be put into a paladin shield?

of course this abit of a rant, id like to see some damage buff’s to Tornado druids please.