Why were skeletons made weaker? This isn't fun

Skeletons in D2R feel like they’re made of paper next to 1.14. Is this a recent thing? I don’t remember it being this bad when D2R first came out. It’s to the point where it’s not even fun for me to play and I’m just going to back to 1.14 instead. This build’s the main way I enjoy the game and it’s just not fun like this.

There have been no ‘advertised’ changes to skellies since 1.14. That said I haven’t played a summoner in a few seasons, I’ve been enjoying PNova and Bone necy’s.

Weaker? LOL. I haven’t seen anything in-game that would tell me that they are weaker. Necro-summoner is my go-to character.

I use full Trangs/Marrowwalks/Arm of King Leoric.

I typically have 16 skels, a dozen or more Mages [when I use them], a merc, and 26 revives. I plow through the game.

Doesn’t matter. Hell mode, Baal, TZ’s … no problems at all.

Matter of fact, this season, I broke down and used runewords and uniques to see what allure there is to “high-end builds” . It’s not all that much better.

But, to answer your query, they have not gotten weaker. Check your build, check your skills. Necxro-summoner is a strong character.

my army does 115,000 damage per second
60,000 of that is the 15 melee skeletons…

they’re not weak man, your character is

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Messing with a S5 Summon necro and their damage seems off due to missing a lot. Perhaps I need more skills so they have more attack rating? 29/29 for skeleton.

I try to off set this for now with 17 revives as well and CE.

On Hell your skeletons are meatshield for you and your merc, who makes first corpse. Main AOE skill is CE. Attack rating also increases with every level of your Necro. Lvl 40 skeleton made by lvl 95 nec gets 5k AR.

I like to be lazy and have my army do a bulk of killing. So get the revives and everything going.

Yea it’s a great skill for sure but I think it also substitute for when your Army is weak and they can’t kill. I love playing a summoner and watching my minions go. I don’t like pressing buttons so the goal would be to have a super strong army to fight for me.

Kinda why I also play Auradins so my Aura kills and I don’t have to attack.

Never knew the exact number but this makes sense. Thanks for that info. I’m level 87 now and got some more skills so my army is doing much better now.

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I understand, this is the reason Summoner is my favourite char, you just sit there, cast AD and drink tea while minions do all the work. But if you gonna farm you need CE because even with fana and might it will take time for your skeletons to clear the screen on Hell.

Necro Pet Calculator is a thing.

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look to raise them with gear/charms etc … you are looking for
skel mstry 44
skel 42

+1 with Bo or CTA

add in your NM Act 2 might merc’s aura … and you got some strong skellies

Put Obedience on merc, and your army is quite the killing machine …

Pop some revives [about 25 of them] and sit back and watch the show … it’ll be shorter than a commercial, lol.

If you are sitting back and drinking tea [i do as well] … what’s the hurry?

CE does help, but, what’s the rush, lol. Enjoy your Earl grey with a touch of honey.