Why the game is updating, new patch?

too many details of this game to catch up, so do you know about the update?

Likely just under-the-hood updates to keep the game running smoothly.

Don’t be alarmed… Nothing new for us players to get excited/complain about.

Tomorrow a 1 Gb surprise Patch is coming

Probably just backend stuff, maybe it’ll fix the Nvidia GPU stuttering that started to happen with the last patch. I sent Pez a tweet asking what the update did, let’s see if he replies.

Patch notes:

  • Massive addition to the game logic subroutines to help eliminate botting. (Massive AI update to the game, “Warden 2.0”, which will get updates on a weekly basis.)
  • All spambots have been eliminated in the chat lobby, without any risk of two week bans for VPN and/or business ISP usage.
  • The game has been delivered back to legitimate players.
  • p.s. Just kidding.

Bwahahahahaloz yeah right. :stuck_out_tongue:

hope it will be smooth thanks for your reply

Backend patch as expected.


To the back burner D2:R goes once again.