Why no TZ for non ladder players?

Why? I understand ladder only items but not ladder only fields…:frowning:


yeah, this is kind of ridicolous.
High lvls are really useful for pvp
Most of pvp happens on non ladder

Please dont force me to exp on ladder and wait for these characters to convert…

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Agreed, terror zones should be made available on non-ladder as well even though they don’t potentially include ladder only item drops.

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The impression I got is that they want to release them first on Ladder. They are the “premium feature” this Ladder Season.

I’m guessing they will move them to non-Ladder eventually.

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PezRadar explained it at least for Terror Zones coming to offline play. Terror Zones are very likely going to be a ladder Season 2 exclusive starting out, going on to explain they intend use the first ladder to zero in on the functionality/fine tuning before introducing it to offline play. He further explained that there are experience differences between ladder and Single Player they’d have to fine tune Terror Zones for. (And likely Non-Ladder play as well)

As far as getting Terror Zones into non-ladder play, KEEP MAKING YOUR VOICES HEARD FOR THEM TO DO SO! :loudspeaker:


I agree make sure they know we want TZ for non ladder at launch at least. But I noticed something that confused me in the post about it. At the start he mentions

“Extending PTR to continue to test and iterate will of course hold those two dates back. We are going to see if we can fit something in the existing timeline for right now, but if we can’t we may use some of the buffer between Patch 2.5 hitting and Season 2 starting to ensure we can get some additional game time from players on some of the Terror Zone items”

based on that for us to test they cant be ladder only. I think that there is two possibilities one it was a mistyped to say it was a ladder feature or it will be taken away when the ladder starts. I hope its the first and if it the second I think it would be an unmitigated disaster.

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so 2.5 will drop into current ladder where we can play terror zones until new season starts
tz will not shift into nl like others have stated i think his wording is key

I hope standard can do it too…

Because Blizzard said no, and they made the game. #thread.

I really want TZs for non-ladder to level my beloved characters to 99. 3 of them atm, but i have 2 more to start.
Even if the TZs are not coming to NL at first, hope they give us, NL players, that feature in the middle or in 2 moths after lader starts. Or when the race from 99 ends (Top 100 players maybe?) like Blizzards do in Wow for the raids that when 100 guilds finish their progression, they open the cross-server for more people to have fun.