Why even ask for feedback and test on PTR

Why do you post “final” runewords patchinfo? Mrllama, Dbrusnki125 and A LOT of players here in these forums have MASSIVE feedback on 2.6 runewords. But it looks like NONE of them will be changed before patch goes live.

Why do you not post a lot of more runeword SUGGESTIONS at least 30 days earlier on PTR, and then LISTEN to all feedback, then you change them based on feedback, and after that you ONLY KEEP those runewords in the patch that looks ok balanced, and the rest are deleted and totally reworked to NEXT patch 2.7.

It feels like you (Blizzard) wants forum activiity, streamers post about it, but regardless feedback runewords are final from the second you release first look at them. :frowning:

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they didnt release the pbe to see if the runewords should be changed, it’s to make sure they dont break the game

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They for sure will not lol

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It’s like when your wife asks you for your opinion

She doesn’t care

But at least later she can say she asked you


I love you seks, never change.

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blizzard is just another company that wants to make money. in general one of the main focus is to lie to customers so a company makes more profit at the end of the day. this can best achieved by setting the effort low as possible and the profit high as possible. it’s quite clever for blizzard to lie and make the customers believe that they have a meaning to evolve the game. sure most of the people won’t the believe this myth, mainly because the past experience showed exactly the opposite, but for blizzard it’s still better to have at least some people that believe they have a vote for the future game design. so in terms of company-designs it’s a clever strategy.

i’m not sure why i even post here because blizzard seems to be busy with something different. they don’t have time to care for the customers. i guess in the end, maintaining coffee makers, playing golf or designing precious new runewords all takes a good amount of time so let’s not blame them for it.

They don’t want feedback, they want ‘unintended’ outcomes and bug fixing. Blizzard thinks at this point they understand the game more than the players do. Take Metamorphosis, this runeword isn’t intended to make D2R gameplay better, it’s intended to move D2R gameplay closer to the D4 Druid. They just took the D4 Druid and said, hey lets do that with D2R’s Druid.

I wish they would listen to us and make actual changes…