What to gamble for early

I’m rolling a berserk barb right now on ladder and running tons of hell trav right now. I get tons of extra gold right now and am overflowing. Early on i gambled for a couple of gull daggers to have a good swap but i don’t really have much else that i can use from gambling.

The only thing i’d want would be a diadem, but i don’t have a character high enough level yet to make that worth it. What are some good uniques or sets that are worth gambling for to trade for good value early on? Almost everything i look for is stuff you can’t gamble for so i’m having a hard time finding valuable stuff.

I can get a gull dagger for around 3 million gold on average right now. Is it worth to just get a bunch of those and trade them? Looks like gull daggers are going for lem right now, but what else might be worth it?