What the point of this test realm?

They want you to log in and out…a lot.

So go on, like their Twitter account said, “grab your weapons”…and log in and out a lot!

Nobody is offended. More like confused you did not read the PTR info, made a thread complaining about it, and are very upset about it to the point of swearing and attacking people.

If you don’t care for the forum, maybe don’t participate in it? Just like you don’t have to participate in the PTR?

You asked a question - what was the point of the PTR. You got answers. You just don’t seem to like them.


Dax gave me an answer, everyone else just did the typical neckbeard trolling thing. I want to help with testing but there is zero traffic and nothing to test really , i did my part and logged in and out a few times :wink:


You got an answer from me with the actual links in my first reply.

Your links did not provide much info , i already knew what a PTR is but there is zero info on what exactly we are testing. Once again u cannot test servers without traffic i know this from modding , there simply not enough people on this PTR to get a good idea if they are stable or not . There is not enough games to even try the refresh button that doesnt work

All good i get it now , i logged in it worked testing complete


If you want the whole background on the Database issues you can check the main thread. They discussed putting up this PTR to test some Database Architecture changes quite some time ago. They screwed up big time taking a database from 2000 that was scaled for Regional application and trying to scale it to 2021 Global use across multiple platforms. It still had the old code and some single process bottlenecks. It fell over dead, crashed the servers, lost chars, lost data, etc.

If you mod you might understand why changing the database structure and coding after Live release is an issue. In my opinion I have no idea why they did not do it BEFORE release… but yeah.

I get that now lol. what you do not understand is there is not enough traffic on the PTR to test what they want to test, this is a complete waste. As i said typically there would be bug fixes or new changes to test, if we are testing server load and stability with no one online it simply wont work. There was 3 games and i could not even test the refresh button, my guess is servers will run just fine without being under stress from being filled with players.


I don’t know how they have this test set up right now. I know they are collecting a ton of metrics on the backend. It would be a pretty big disaster if it turns out releasing the PTR patch changes + database changes at once made it all come crashing down.

First steps. Hopefully the changes are stable enough on the first round that they can build on that and deploy the game change PTR on top of it.

Just prove that someone can’t read or not willing to read

Hopefully , blizzard was not ready to release this game clearly. Look at Arpgs like Lost ark they have PTR before the flippin release!!! let u play free until its ready, blizzard could really learn from developers with far smaller budgets.

I love d2 but honestly feel like i have been robbed 60 bucks at this point , i hope the PTR for 2.4 comes soon and i will test the crap out of it. All i want is a freaking working ladder i paid for it with my hard earned dollars.

Honestly, I really think they should have just gone the automated route and had a cluster of clients automatically logging in and out every 30 seconds to test the database’s ability to handle that activity. I don’t think they’re going to get a really good stress test out of this, especially since they (still!) have a communication problem and so few people even know the PTR is available now. I’m sure it will kick up over the next couple of days, but let’s be honest - they should have hyped the living hell out of this to get players to try and knock over the database.

Their PTR post should have had a section that clearly sttaes that this is phase 1 for specifically testing the database issues and for people to run the hell out of something like Pindleskin as fast as they can. Anything really would have been better than the way it was formatted.

On a side note, having a character with a 100% full inventory with only cube space reminds me just how much I hate how charms kill the enjoyment of the loot hunt aspect of the game and how badly we need a charm inventory (locking charms out of the primary inventory, naturally).

Please learn to spell sentence’s properly before accusing people of not being able to read.

" Just prove that someone just can’t read or not willing to read"

yes you just proved that to us all

Blizz DID have an Alpha in April, Closed Beta in Sept, and Open Beta in Sept but they were limited.

Some of the database issues and bugs that were identified by players in the Beta still went Live :frowning: I do agree the whole missing chars, missing data, and nearly a week of down time could have been avoided, or at least limited and handled better.

That is my outside opinion though. I don’t get to sit there and look over their shoulder or listen in meetings. I have no idea what the test results said or what limitations the team was under for a release push.

Lmao someone has no more argument standing ground can’t do a legit reply without attacking people.

Perhaps after the epic failure alpha and beta were they could have pushed the release date to 2022… thats what a decent company would have done not scam die hard fans out of 60 bucks and then still have to wait until 2022 to play promised ladder and server stability. That said i will continue to hope for 2.4 PTR to be running soon and God willing i can play ladder by february , with stability!

There is no God. Because I ate him.

Believe what you wish, still free country at least for now…


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lol yes I made a spelling error and added an apostrophe where it should not be, at least I did not say PROVES that dinosaurs existed! Good trolling , where is your next target? The whole point was for someone who cannot spell to keep quiet and not be rude when it comes to spelling and reading.

The Alpha/Beta tests we got seemed more like advertising campaigns in disguise.

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