What really is the point of the Queue?

they dont want to invest on servers, so the queue is more like screw u customers you have to wait to play, wait to create a game and pray for not having a crash after u wait 2 hours to log in

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Thus why this quene thing is useless, should’ve just added more server capacity. And honestly, I doubt this game has 1 million concurrent players at a time but imagine if they had implemented accordingly with 1mill anticipation player base… as a big company like bilz should … but unfortunately not the case here.

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Blizzard doenst give a f man, tell me have u ever seen a single post from blizzard answering people or giving a feed back about what is happening or how are they working to fix it, or at least a single f post from them saying " We know about this issue and we’re working to fix it"
They just dont care

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Yeah, they should’ve planned for twice their projected players (if they had confidence the game they made would be good and people would tell their friends). Instead they planned for 1/4 of the copies sold, seems like a terrible business model, but I am not and have never been the CEO of a company, so what would I know?

Instead of dealing with the large amounts of Chinese and Russian (yes, they are Chinese and Russian because they are speaking Chinese and Russian) bot accounts, they would rather penalize the average player.
Seriously, log onto Ebay or other websites and you can see actual thousands of items for sale right now. When you log into battle.net and go into the lobby you also see the botters spamming the channels with their garbage advertising.
Now imagine these bot accounts spamming Meph/Pindle runs and relogging over and over.
This is the reason we have a queue.

I think they have over 1 million chat spam bots. Much less players.

I guess you don’t remember 2 weeks ago when server crashed and rolledback all weekend.

It is still basically doing that now. Its just on a single player level instead of everyone. It is an illusion of a fix.

captcha’s are a thing and exist right? I’m not imagining them? besides that, all those russian and chinese farmer/bots as you claim would’ve presumably been planning this and purchased their copies in advance in order to ensure their business can run, correct? how is it their fault blizzard has messed this up at seemingly every turn? server capacity without any alternate mode of playing for people who actually paid money to try to enjoy the game is the real issue IMO

Well there is no such thing since the queue, its pretty stable once you get in.

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yeah, that exact thing has happened to me twice in the last 8 hours, it’s very hard to not completely wash my hands of blizzard and activision, take the $44 loss and think of it like a lesson, lesson that everything woke turns to sh!t.
if the bot accounts/vendor accounts are the issue, why can’t they buy a couple items, track the IPs and perma ban those people/games? seems like the unid gheeds on ebay for $10 wouldn’t be making that person money if they lose all their stuff and have to drop another $44 on another copy of the game?

unless the game crash and u have to spend 2 hours again into the queue

When they threw out the last vestiges of locally stored characters, except for perpetual offline sp everyone was forced online.
Maybe they realised then that this change would require massive changes to how the dbase and backend worked to not break down, but the suits upstairs still forced release as planned.

This is just wild speculation on my part ofc.

Nothings been fixed, you queue to take the spot of someone who crash

Are we able to report characters? If so, we can do our part and while in lobby, report any spambot.
Because they’re in and “active”, unless their system goes down or they somehow crash, they perpetually have a spot that one of us real players could be using.

I’m still an advocate for them creating a task that boots anyone AFK for more than 30mins. Alot of people are logging in, going to work or whatever, and then playing when they get home.

This will benefit the Chinese/Russian botters more than those simply wanting to play. The botters have no problems using 3rd party software to macro and play unattended. These things are able to set up logins and be busy enough to not get booted. Meanwhile people like me who have been in queue for over an hour and still in the hundreds can seemingly leave home, run errands, maybe go out to eat and still come back and not be in game yet or just maybe entering. The whole thing sucks.

Yeah, good point. It seems old school reporting, and hopefully blizz follow-up, is the only way to go in that regard.

It’s nothing to do with server capacity. It’s a part of the original code that does not scale and must be rewritten.

I wish they cared. They don’t. They’re still making money and have done nothing across their other games (e.g., World of Warcraft/Classics) to stop the Chinese/Russian farmer/botters. I think this will be even worse because they can sell items on Ebay. I checked Ebay a little while ago and made it into the 73rd page (with 50 listings per page) and there was still plenty more to go. So that’s over 3500 items for sale right there. If someone tries to deny these bots are not really doing this they need only to hit up Ebay.

An example about Blizzard’s way of handling bots:
I came back to WoW a year ago and went to older zone and found like 20+ accounts botting/farming an area using 3rd party software. I reported them for weeks and nothing was done about it. I finally got a live GM and had him teleport to me and showed him what I was talking about and told him it’s across multiple server types and likely hundreds of accounts at the very moment. He began disconnecting those we were seeing however they were all back within a week under different accounts.
They have been doing this for over 15 years with popular games and nobody seems to stop them. The only time they disappear from a game is when it becomes unprofitable for them to spend time botting/playing the game. This whole thing sucks :frowning:


Sadly, I loved Diablo 2 20 years ago, and I like Resurrected when it is playable. However, all of the game breaking bugs, crashes and the Queue make me wish I didn’t buy this game. Almost feel like boycotting Diablo 4 for the same reason. Blizzard needs to fix this, but they do not listen to the player base.