What do you think of this New Game Mode?

I’m just curious if this could work, why or why not?
I feel like the competition dies off after the first players complete the game or reach 99. What if they added a new game mode where players can race against each other to say kill a boss or finish an act or even the game. Players can que up solo or 2v2 3v3 4v4, and race against each other to achieve X and you can track your opponent’s progress by displaying their levels on the side to decide if you should just surrender or continue fighting to achieve X. It could have some type of ranked system maybe like hearthstone, so you don’t just get lapped by better players, and it can allow you to play diablo in a competitive way to add a new fun mode to bring in more players and options for the current ones to get a break from grinding. What are your guy’s thoughts on a mode like this? Is it impossible, is there ways to make the matches say 20-40 min and still be fun, would the imbalance in classes or RNG make it impossible, what do you think?

I think you should post this in D2R General Discussion rather than Classic General Discussion, since this forum is for the original Diablo 2 + Expansion and there’s no chance in Act 4 that Blizzard will add a new game mode to a 20 year old game.