What’s a bone spear necro looking for in nightmare gear wise?

I’m venturing into act 2 nightmare with a bone spear necro for the first time ever and I’m curious what should I be hoping to get while I’m playing in nightmare?

I have a White wand, ancients pledge shield, stealth, lore, frostburns, waterwalk and blade buckle with a fcr ring, manald heal and a +1 necro skills.

I’m sure there’s plenty of things I’ll want just unsure exactly what

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insight for your mercenary. His best weapon for NM and infinite mana for you.

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If you can tolerate the lower resists, look for a 2 white socket shrunken head with + to bone spear/spirit/teeth or CE on it. Then make Rhyme in it. Other than that your set up is what I use to beat Hell at first.