Welcome to Technical Support

Welcome to the Technical Support forum for Diablo II: Resurrected.

The purpose of this forum is to discuss technical issues currently affecting Diablo II: Resurrected with each other and Blizzard Tech Support staff members.

If you cannot resolve your issue through the forum, we recommend checking our Knowledge Center for resolutions and workarounds for common issues at http://battle.net/support/ and if unable to locate a solution, please go ahead and create a new post regarding your issue using the guidelines below.

  • When sharing a technical issue, please post a subject with a clear summary of your issue.
  • When defining your technical issue in your thread, please provide as much clarity as possible, clearly summarizing the circumstances that led to you to the issue you’re experiencing.

PLEASE NOTE: Users who troll, harass, or try to incite nonconstructive discourse will be suspended.

Our Community forums are a place for users to express their constructive feedback and ideas with fellow posters and the developers. Respect and courtesy are a requirement for this discussion. This is for the benefit of all participants on this forum.

The Community team and moderators will be working to foster an atmosphere for constructive discussion and debate. Users who participate on the forums will be accountable to the Code of Conduct.

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