We need more 4 socket shields plz

There are 24 non paladin shields of which 3 out of 24 are capable of having 4 sockets
There are 15 paladin shields of which all 15 out of 15 are capable of having 4 sockets.

If the spirit runeword is the reason we dont have more 4 socket shields then nerf it or delete it all together i dont care what you do to it just give us more shields capable of having 4 sockets.

I posted this in another thread as a possible solution to nerfing it with some fun added in as far as the skills go. Which the skills wasnt what made it over powered but hey lets have some fun and make some valuable if you get a nice roll. i made many stats that vary.
Atleast instead of complaining i tried to come up with a solution that might work to help us get more 4 os shields as spirit seamed to be the stopping factor as to why we dont get more than just the 3 shields. I know it doesnt have 35 fire res on it but i added it to balance out what was removed from original.

Spirit Shield

Spirit shield would look like this
+1 or +2 skill to a class – varies
10% to 20% fcr – varies
20% fhr
10-15 vit – varies
40-80 mana – varies
+250 defense vs missile
+3 to +8 magic asorb
+35 All resist (normally should have just 35% poison, 35%lightning,35% cold) i added the
+35% fire to make it +35% all res

again, I have to question your critical thinking. If Spirit is the problem, why do we need to more more spirits? Why can’t we make other shields better? Lidless Wall could easily be +2, as Taebuk’s Glory or “Spirit Ward” could be improved to be +2 shields to rival Spirit shields.

Frankly, you need to be making more intelligent posts, Salty. Offer solutions or suggestions, other than nerfing stuff because the itemization on everything else sucks.


The +2 to skills is not what makes spirit shield over powered its the other stats fhr, fcr, mana

And why other people say is its to powerful at lvl 25 but is ok at lvl 54 in a monarch im not sure but they do.

I want more 4 socket shield for other things in the game. And they should be available in normal shields and exceptional shields. Im not asking for all shields to be 4 socket but at least the normal and exceptional versions of the elite shields that are already are 4 socket capable.

So the normal and exceptional versions of monarch , aegis, and ward be able to have 4 sockets as long as the have the correct item level to do so.

And maybe we can say the same about you. You have critism about others that post but come to no conclusion to help. What does that make of you.
Imagine that… All mouth. Atleast i was trying to come up with something rather it be right or wrong.

I see your reading comprehension is dire as well; did you not see me suggest improving Lidless Wall, Spirit Ward and Taebuks to be +2 shields with improved itemization?

If you need some more details, I would start with the skeleton of Spirit; +2, FCR, all resist, and add things like a) three sockets, for Facets. Or b) high level zSkill energy shield. C) lower resist on spell cast, d) high level increased block chance and rate. Make other items customized to what your build needs. Maybe, for instance, you play a summoner and don’t care about FCR and need a teleport zSkill, or Might aura.

Sky’s the limit, really.

Yes i did see that, didnt you see where i said +2 skills wasnt the problem… I didnt say anthing about by making those have +2 skills would have made it any better. Look at the mods on Spirit then go look at whats on those you spoke of. Give it some though and do you really think +2 skills on those would match spirit shield… LOL

This is what we need lets put some thought into the unique items to make them atleast somewhat close to runewords.
For your info i have absolutly no problem with spirit shield the problem i have is there is no 4 socket shields available at lvl 25 to use it at lvl 25. Only if your a paladin you can use it at 25
Others say its too powerful for sorc to have at 25 but what about the other 5 classes couldnt they benefit from spirit at lvl 25. I play 4 characters and spirit shield is just back up for + to skills for cta.
My hdin uses one until i find a hoz – spirit becomes cta helper
My ele druid uses one until i find a storm shield – spirit becomes cta helper
My necro doent use one until i get cta then its eth
My smiter does not use one period.
I dont think their reasoning is right, that it is ok at lvl 54 but not lvl 25.

Blizzaed made this runeword a lvl 25 runeword for it to be used at lvl 25. If they didnt want us to use it at lvl 25 they would of made it with different runes.

I just want more 4 socket shields.

Spirit should have taken higher runes to make and been able to be made into a 3 socket shield.

It isn’t that way, it never will be, they will never modify it. They don’t care.


Isn’t Spirit monarch like minimum level 53 or something? Where do you get level 25 from? It’s not possible to equip a 4 socket Spirit shield till like 53 ( or whatever).

Or did I misunderstand and you are saying paladins have an unfair advantage in Spirit Shields?

Yes, to more shields being able to spawn with 4 sockets at lower levels, not to changing spirit runeword. If you want to produce a new runeword have at it.

Correct a monarch is the first 4 socket shield available to non paladins and its lvl 53 or 54 i forget. the other 2 shields that can be 4 socket are aegis lvl 59 and ward lvl 63
All paladin shields can be 4 socket so lets just use vlld and lld as a example. if using a paladin at lvl 9 or 18 or 30 they all can have 4 sockets. All non pally shields can have just 3 sockets.
Where i got lvl 25 from is the runeword is a lvl 25 runeword meaning the lvl of the highest rune is 25. Non pallys cant use it until much later is why im complaining.

You are also correct i have been complaing for years and nothing has happened but i was hoping since they are trying to level the playing field they would look at this and fiqure out they got a lvl runeword that cant be used until 28 lvls higher just because they over looked the fast that there is no 4 socket shields available at lvl 25 for non pallies.

on this point, we can agree. Paladin class items are leaps and bounds better than every other class. What is it? ~44 all resist, free? and 50 odd stat points?

I can’t even make a runeword in my sorc orb, though it is, in theory, a one in a several trillion best item in the game with +5 to skill or something.

Auraic shields are a pally wally staple, stop complaining. The real problem is the sorc has nothing comperable, her orbs are useless for runewords and this should be fixed. Barb has comparable helms but lacks any real benefit as runewords because they are mostly garbage. I think Druid is in a good position as is sin, ama, nec.

But why no good sorc orb runewords?


I would prefer they rebalance and give purposeful identity to each shield type. Most are plain useless like the aegis. Poe does a good job with their shield variety…

It’s not. Paladin shields are meant to be a powerful perk for paladins, and from attributes to runeword bases, they accomplish this. The current limitation of a Monarch being the only 4os shield serves as a balancing factor not only to Spirit, which is quite a bit stronger as a shield given that it grants resistances, but for other 4os runewords.

Of which, there are only 3 runewords in the game for 4os shields: Exile, Spirit, and Phoenix. Exile can be built only in Paladin shields, so we’re down to just Spirit and Phoenix. The high cost to use a Monarch is an important balancing factor for Spirit, so now we’re only talking about different bases for Phoenix.

Does it matter that Phoenix can’t be built in a Troll’s Nest? No. So this whole idea of “not enough 4os shields” is irrelevant.

What lvl is spirit shield runeword .
If you said lvl 25 you would be correct.
Why is it lvl 25?
Because the highest rune lvl that it uses is lvl 25 – that being the amn
So i guess blizzard wanted us to use it at lvl 25 or they would of made it out of different runes that had a higher lvl.
Monarch is what lvl 54
Now you propose to use phoenix which is lvl 65 because of the jah
Spirit shield - tal thul ort amn
Phoenix shield – vex vex Lo jah
not only is spirit a lower mid lvl runeword that would aid in leveling from 25 on its so much easier to obtain especially after reset. Also for most classes spirit shield wouldnt be a end game shield but if you invest the runes for a phoenix i bet it would be your end game shield.
You totally miss the point i was trying to make because of your blind hatred of spirit shield for any class other than a paladin.
Plain and simple they need more 4 os shields…

I don’t hate Spirit, I think it’s a perfect example of what mid tier runewords should be. The weapon version is available very early, and the shield version is available much later, and with a unique restriction in the form of a 4os Monarch. Paladins, having the perk of their class specific shield, can make use of the shield earlier. Paladins also need it much less than a sorc. As you can see, there’s a nice balance to accessing the power of a Spirit shield.

What I’ve pointed out is that the game has only three runewords that require a 4os shield. One of these runewords can only be made in a paladin shield. So when you say “we need more 4os shields”, you’re talking about only two runewords: Spirit and Phoenix. Spirit does not need to be accessible in a shield at an earlier level, or for less str. Neither does Phoenix. Would it be nice? I guess. Does it matter? No. The bases available for each runeword are as much a part of their balance as is their stats.

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Spirit is not just mid tier. And the price for it is just insane. It also destroys like 30 uniques and sets with its sole existence.

It is. Take a broader view of what classes/builds want to use, when they want to use it, and when they can use it. Sorc isn’t the only class in the game. Caster isn’t the only build in the game.

Really enjoying your posts, Tokhi. You are exactly right.