We need a new class in patch 2.7 or 3.0

A new class - bard. He has 3 trees:

  • swashbuckler
  • anthems of glory
  • hymns of doom

Swashbuckler is a tree with combat skills/commands for summons and 3 summoning skills: Summon Flying Scimitar (max 3) (they deal phisical dmg), Summon Flying Shamshir (max 2) (they deal phisical dmg and has chance to open wounds) and Summon Flying Phase Blade (max 1)(it deals random elemental dmg and has chance to cast random curse). So there are 6 blades dancing to the Bard’s tunes.

Anthems of glory are offensive and defensive buffs and also passive skills.

Hymns of doom are curses and ranged magic/elemental damaging spells.

Special items: bard’s guitars/lutes as two handed ranged item (shots unlimited magic tunes like arrows)

Bard is something between necromancer, elemental/summoner druid, enchanter sorc, caster paladin or elemental bowazon. He is very unique and important. Please think about this class and add it in 2.6 or 3.0

imgur. com/a/DD6nAAy

No thanks.


Blizz thinks you only need2. Pala and Sorc


Maybe further down the road. Right now I just wish they’d focus on QoL an fixing things they broke in the last patch.

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Like D2R Chat system?

That has been broken since D1 with no fix.


That would be a start lol

Will be nice to have a new character, Gandalf the grey

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Would be a pass for now other bugs like Chat & Fhr need to addressed before. You can access the Bard in D1 Hellfire already.

Sorry nope

We need less class

Make the game even less class reliant

Make synergies global rather than local. Ie: instead of Firebolt synergy for fireball, it’s now fire skills, aoe skills and projectile skills

And open up class restricted skills to be OSkill

why less? we do need more classes

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Less class restriction creates more builds

More class would just mean more restriction and would only be a weaker and more rigid of what an open class system would be

Please never add multiple projectiles to D2. Ye some skills already have it but it’s enough as it is. One thing this game does best is how clear visuals are and you can tell what every effect does. I like single Fireball, don’t want to see 20 launching at once. More screen noise is bad. Keep it in modern hack n slash. Also spells are OP already.

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I wasn’t aware that it was impossible to apply the foreign concept of “balancing values” … pardon my ignorance

Video feels too much like PoE. Increase aoe effect of one beam instead but not to whole screen size.

You are aware that this video was only a demonstration of what could happens to the number projectiles when you invest your skill points into other projectile skills

It’s balanced to be a demo… a magnifying glass for a mechanic

Also, as stated in the video title, spending points to gain skill effect yield little to no dmg bonus. That’s called a drawback, that number of projectiles come at the cost of a huge load of dps

That’s how balancing should work

Melee in D2 should deal way more damage or spells way less

Ahoy matey! I like the idea of a new character but how about one who is a master of none? Like Deprived from dark souls? Maybe he/she can only use skills granted by items complete with its own class items. Now that would be fun!

my idea just tries to fill a niche for character who has summons and can COMMAND them, e.g. all summoned blades do short whirlwind or zeal. in second tree bard casts spells by using ranged weapons. it’s like bowazon but more aoe and magic/elemental only. 3rd tree is not very original because it’s similar to barbarian shouts with other effects + some passive. i think he deserves for passive increasing mf% because all bards are always treasure hunters

summoed blades for Bard class were inspired by classic rpg
baldursgate. fandom. com/wiki/Blade#Bard_song

i dont know why people have this bard fantasy
the fella is an artist and all diablo2 heroes were trained for killing and mass destruction
lore wise it makes no sense to me
i mean, it makes sense that bards exist but that they know how to put the prime evils to rest? nah

no please, dont give to someone else what should belong to necro and druid

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but they were designed in bad way. instead of creepers druid could have had 3 command skills for wolves and bear. instead of golem mastery and summoned res necro could have had 2 other command skills. but devs have never done it. for druid is maybe ok because he rarely afk in summoner build. but necro sum afks hard instead of using commanding spels. corpse explosion spam is just uninteresting

Lol like the idea of a Class flagged as every class

So it can use the many staff modded items in the game