"We are obviously past that timeline and to be 100% honest, we kind of didn’t plan very well on our endfor that date."

Damn, 3 more weeks left until reset at least.

Should get season 2 sometime in 2023.

This is the reality of smaller dev teams and if you hate them for it you genuinely don’t deserve D2R.

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Last time I checked Blizzard was a multi-billion if not trillion dollar company.

Where’s all that money going?

You genuinely don’t deserve to talk because you’re making ridiculous claims about what type of “dev team” Blizzard operates.
Do you work on that team or something? You seem to know specifics?

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Wait, there is a team working on this game?
I thought it’s one person working for a week every 6 months.

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A single Toaster team!

Only a toaster toasts toast.