Vanilla Direct3D and D2R Bug in act 3 Kurast Docks

Hi I’ve seen somebody mentioned 8kB savegame file bug in hopes it get’s noticed and fixed, so here I am posting another old bug that hopefully get’s noticed by the devs, since PTR bug report is a place more actively traced by devs (hopefully).

About the bug:
In act 3 after returning “the giddbin” skatsimi blade to Ormus in Kurast Docks ( town hub), ormus goes to a pedestal to place the blade within a transparent blue elyptic sphere. Now here’s where things go somewhat weird:
Original D2 & D2:LoD had up to a point 3 tupes of API display:
-glide (a.k.a VooDoo graphic cards proprietary system)

now in both DirectDraw and glide the giddbin within the sphere had an innate bright yellow-white glow on it within the sphere. Direct3D veersion lacked this glow for an unknown reason.
Later the Later on between D2:LoD 1.10-1.14d the game lost the chance to select DirectDraw as the main API, and the game natively selected Direct3D fot the API, with the exception of running a glide wrapper like sven’s-wrapper or nglide with -3dfx as a launch parameter. D2R behaves similarly to Direct3D version.

Direct3D originally ws not present on the release game ( originally it was only DirectDraw and Glide API modes. The Direct3D was butcherd-in pre release due to M$ releasing DirectX 8.1 which enabled cetain lighting features that the game was using and that were required in order for the game to run correctly). Simply put the giddbin glow on Direct3D API was not present on the pedestal due to some reason, however it was present in glide and DirectDraw… The problem is D2R also misses the glow like the most common Direct3D API, which the API was actually more of a bastard-child at the begining of the development of the original game.

So Is there a chance to return the glory to the giddbin on Kurast Docks pedestal?
Currently there is a semi transparent blue elyptic sphere, and the blade is barely visible inside…

And yeah some of the so called long thetm players might only know the game from Direct3D API version, so they might freak out if the giddbin glow would retun, so how about make this somehow distinguished in the visual options menu, so that the boneheads that think they know, and seen it all, don’t freak out, should the giddbin glow return, so they could toggle it off.