Valkyrie inventory

I want to see what she’s wearing so i can get the best one. does anyone know of a legit or acceptable way to see her gear? something that wont get me banned.

I want to know what she’s using!


A stat window for summons would be soooooo good. You could see their attributes, stats, active buffs and debuffs, skill levels and for Valk, and Shadow Master what equipement they have. Like merc window, but you can’t change their stuff.


Does Valkyrie color change her abilities?

valk color is very misleading. doesnt tell us much really at all, because many mods carry the same color. white armor can be faithful(+x armor per lvl), or give ar…we dont know. black weapon can be %dmg and ar or X max dmg.

red can be psn length reduction. or life

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This is the best info I can find on the Valkyrie. It’d be nice if they changed the +poison length to purple. It would fit better and make it easier to tell if you got the “best” Valkyrie color.

Slvl 1 : Full plate mail and Spear (mod1 = 6)
Slvl 2 : adds Heavy gloves (mod1 = 4)
Slvl 4 : adds Heavy Boots (mod1 = 4)
Slvl 5 : adds Heavy Belt (mod1 = 4)
Slvl 7 : upgrades Full Plate Mail to Chaos Armor (mod1 = 6)
Slvl 8 : upgrades Spear to Lance (mod1 = 6)
Slvl 10: upgrades Heavy Gloves to War Gauntlets (mod1 = 4)
Slvl 11: upgrades Heavy Boots to War Boots (mod1 = 4)
Slvl 12: upgrades Heavy Belt to War Belt (mod1 = 4)
Slvl 13: adds Amulet (mod1 = 4)
Slvl 14: adds Circlet (mod1 = 4)
Slvl 16: replaces Chaos Armor with Sacred Armor (mod1 = 6)
Slvl 17: replaces Lance with War Pike (mod1 = 6)
Slvl 19: upgrades War Gauntlets to Crusader Gauntlets (mod1 = 6)
Slvl 21: upgrades War Boots to Mirrored Boots (mod1 = 6)
Slvl 23: upgrades War Belt to Colussus Girdle (mod1 = 6)
Slvl 25: changes mod1 for amulet from 4 to 6
Slvl 27: upgrades Circlet to Tiara (mod1 = 6)

(Mod1 = 4) Is a Magic item
(Mod1 = 6) is a Rare item.

The Valkyrie gains different pieces of Rare and Magic equipment based on her skill level. The items come with random bonuses, so every time you cast the Valkyrie the bonuses on her items will be randomly chosen. These exact item stats cannot be seen except with a third party program which I won’t mention in here.

Important breakpoints for the damage output on Valkyrie are slvl-8 (when she gains her Lance) and slvl-17 (upgrade the Lance to a War Pike).
Important breakpoints for the tankiness on Valkyrie are slvl-7 (when she gains her Chaos Armor) and slvl-16 (upgrade the Chaos Armor to a Sacred Armor).

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yep, available on the summit…problem is that rare items dont have a set-in-stone stat list like uniques.

this is why I want to see her gear. MAYBE one day we can have the option to gear her our selves with the same limitations(must be magic/rare, and no runewords/uniques/crafteds)


Thanks everyone for the help

This is an excellent idea. A stat window for all summons will make things so much more transparent. Even for stacks of summons like skeletons, they can just show the current average stats. Skeletons mages… Nobody cares about them at this point.