Unfair feedback

Unfair feedback? Are you on crack? This game came out a month ago and is unplayable 50% of the day on consoles. Would you call that fair to the consumer? The execs at blizz can’t harass the poor women in the office anymore so now they need to take it out on us. So unfortunate.

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Stopped reading at ‘‘few server issues’’. Everyday the servers are down half the day then when they finally work i wait in queue 1-2h play 20 min crash to desktop then go back to the end of that stupid queue. As far as i know people on console have it even worst.

There’s no unfair feedback. What’s unfair is buying a broken product for 60$. I don’t care if it’s ‘‘temporary’’ it’s been a month now this isn’t a BETA we all paid for this.

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Exactly, I couldn’t agree more. We are not 14 anymore and expect something in return for our money. Software companies (because this problem extends beyond games) should be expected to deliver a working product.

I magine d2r would have released “only” for Christmas but with a complete feature set for consoles and with half the bugs and server issues. Certainly preferable.

That is not even counting the weak information flow about the problems and countermeasures going on…


While I agree with everything you’ve said Rtimm1-1996 I believe everything they ripped from the game is the real core issue here. For console; not having custom games completely obliterates the value of this game. There is exactly zero reason to level, MF, progress in any way, or even log into the servers if you can’t play specific game modes with others. While I would say their quick join modes have a slight potential, they certainly aren’t functional. They don’t even work you can’t play with anyone and even if you could… they need stats: player counts, games available to YOU ie not restricted by clvl, classes in game, etc. before they could even be considered functional, let alone preferable. As it stands there’s really no reason to log in now aside from holding a slight hope they’ll fix this.

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Beautifully spoken! I played pc version way back and now to have it on switch is an absolute delight. Server issues aside it’s a masterpiece. I haven’t had a que longer than 28 which also is nice about the switch version.


:wink: Yes they have. A very long comment in special blue text.

Oh you have not seen the outrage over a que system. People are posting fake que wait times and fake que positions to exagerate the issue.

Like ramping up those numbers will make the programmers speed up on the patch they are 100% working on to fix rollbacks and connectivity issues.

I post my que # and started a stopwatch just to post a factual time. Then then thread of near constant complaining died.

There are hijinx going on in these forums.

Could you point me to that comment from Blizzard talking about the offline issues?

Just saw this one sec.

The comment is pinned at the top of general discussion.

I forgot where it’s pinned my bad. Hard to find but go to the general section for all of D2R and you will see a bunch of Official stuff pinned at the top.

Diablo II: Resurrected Outages: An explanation, how we’ve been working on it, and how we’re moving forward

Cool. There is so much in this that answers 80% of the stuff people are complaining about. They’d be happy if they saw this pinned to the console section too.

That post mentions nothing about the problems playing offline, namely, losing character progression and items in the shared stash.

Please read the whole thing carefully. It’s there.

I don’t know what wacky stuff I have to do to grab quotes out of that massive post. I could figure it out.

My average queue time is 30 minutes. I get the lottery winner times of less than 10 minutes, and twice I’ve been 45 minutes to an hour, but most of the time it is 30ish minutes. I’m still not pleased about it, but at least the service is stable once I get in. They have bought themselves some more time to fix it properly, hopefully they don’t squander it.

Yeah, I’m going to need a quote.

A masterpiece? I don’t know if I’d say that… ‘Nice and pretty’ sure, but stuff kinda got left out. Not terrible but could be better, especially on consoles

Well you’re curious like many as to why offline characters could be affected by what seems to be online issues.

When I see the details of how character progress is lost online in their very long post; it’s my mind that infers there is an unknown connect of which they do not elaborate. A connection between off and online saving of progress.

So right off the bat I am no expert, nor do I know how they actually handle offline saving.

It is simply a conspiritorial mind I have that they are collecting data on offline save files. A good way to do that would be to simply save a version of your local character file to the online data base whenever you are connected. You can play offline with your local save.

Now what if there is also a feature in place that can restore your local save with the online character file they saved of your offline character? Also that this “back up” copy of your offline character takes priority and will over-write a local save file. That would explain how when they roll back their database, it rolls back your offline character too.

This is all me just guessing. But it makes sense to me because video games these days are friggen data miners. They love to collect info on who plays what, for how long, where you get frustrated and quit.

Now tell me. If you have a wealth of data for online characters… would you pass up all that offline character data? Heck no you collect it too.

Again who knows. I’m just a nut.

CoffinBirth you’re a secret bliz agent or you just an absolute loser fanboy? I tried to log in console and was queue’d 256 at 6:03 AM 10/24 MST. It is now 6:53 AM MST and I’m position 109. My controller has auto turned off like 4 times now and I have to keep turning it on just to make sure it hasn’t frozen or crashed yet. You’re so full of s**t you’re trying to actually lie for blizzard. “I turn on a stopwatch” “Cmon guys you’re exaggerating”…you’ve been all over these forums lying to people and you’re absolute **** just like blizzard. The fact that you’re trying to defend the billionaire company in the wrong just means you have the mental fortitude of a small child and you’ve completely lost your dignity.

Request a refund the game is trash built on lies deceit and greed

Just to further iterate from my previous post it’s now 7:07 AM and I’m position 42. Again, started at 6:03 AM and wanted to get exact time I go through queue so we can invalidate ALL your nonsense from ALL of your posts here. FINALLY in character select at 7:17 AM… but you use a stopwatch to get the exact time of how fast it goes for you right? Only took me 1 hr and 14 minutes to get through that amazingly fast queue. YEP GREAT GAME A+ definitely worth $40, oh wait still can’t actually play with others, still no custom games, no functioning matchmaking, no Diablo2 as advertised. Maybe consider developing some self-respect and integrity.

Well except for the queue system, i am having lot of fun with friend mowing down the cow level every night. We even found our very first soj in d2r.

I mean i am playing with other creating our custom game. Don’t get me wrong, i get what you mean and respect your complaint, but despite the short fall of queuing which i just adjust my time to login 1 hour earlier before playing, many of us are still having a lot of fun.

You are very angry and that time to login is correct.

Someone did post a false time right after me and deleted the post right after I called him on it. It’s all there to see.

A moderator can see all deleted posts by the way.

Blizzard knows what their servers login times are. So if you come here and lie up a storm you are not fooling them.

So it’s kind of annoying to me that people would come here with the sole purpose of stirring the pot and trying to make people refund their game.

As a life long gamer I protect and help other gamers from fraudsters and killjoys.

Hate me all you like.

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