Ultimate Avenger/Vengeance Guide

I went too deep into a rabbit hole once again and it seems that there is even more confusion about the Vengeance Skill than with the Damage Auras. This time I did not as much testing but more research, best knowledge bases are theamazonbasin and Dbrunski125.

Things you should know about Vengeance:
Will be calculated with Vengeance:

  • The physical ON-WEAPON (!) damage is taken for the vengeance elemental calculation. (Weapon BASE Dmg, Ethreal, % ED, % ED Max Dmg, Min Dmg, Max Dmg, Crit Strike, Deadly Strike) => get a good damage stick, NOT Grief
  • +min/max dmg on off-weapon (Gear, Charms, Jewels, etc.)
  • Elemental damage (from Charms, Auras, Gear, etc.)

Will be applied afterwards:

  • % Skill Damage (Facets), Fire Mastery, Light Mastery
  • Off-Weapon Dmg, % ED, % ED Max Dmg, Min Dmg, Max Dmg, Crit Strike

General Infos

  • Vengeance is no Fire Skill
  • +Damage on Grief and The Redeemer wil be ignored for Vengeance (but not for the Weapon itself)
  • Deadly Strike, Crushing Blow and Open Wounds from Gear will be ignored for Vengeance (but not for the Weapon itself)
  • Self cast Conviction is better most of the time

Avenger Build:
There is no “This Gear with those Skills” is an Avenger, there is always a way to make him “righter”. Though I found some things most good Avenger builds have in common.

Weapon: Breath of the Dying (Damage Stick)
Helm: Dream (Because of the Holy Shock Aura)
Shield: Dream (Because of Holy Shock Aura)
Main Attack: Vengeance
Self cast Aura: Conviction (lvl 25)
Weapon 2: CTA (with Redemption +1)
Shield 2: Spirit

Merc: Act1 Ice Arrow
Weapon: Faith (lvl12 Fanaticism is enough)
Helm: Andy Face
Armor: Fortitude

The rest, you can do whatever you want
[Dual Dragon, HoJ, 3 Faceted Helmet, is actually stronger, but than why not use Zeal?]
[An Act5 Merc with Dual Hustle can be enough to hit max attack speed as well]
[Lot of Cold, Fire and Light Absorb Gear → Switch209 on YT]
[Doom, Dream, Dragon, Enigma with Infinity Merc for extra Style Points → DoubleBilly on YT]

Here is what I like to run:
Armor: 4 Lightning Faceted Armor (or Enigma, or Chains of Honor, or Griswold)
Amulet: Mara’s (or Highlords)
Rings: Raven Frost, Bul-Kathos
Boots: Silkweave (or Gore Riders, or Gorefoot)
Belt: Nosferatu’s (or Gloom, or String of Ears, or Arach)
Gloves: Soul Drainer (or +10 IAS Dual Leach Gloves)

Grand Charms: Combat Skiller (Paladin) +Max Damage (because Holy Shield, Offensive Skillers are also fine, or 14 max dmg 76 AR Charms)
Small Charms: 2-99 Light Damage (+4 max dmg + 20 AR is also fine)

Skill Tree example:
Defence Aura:
Resist Cold: left over points (because less immunes)
Resist Lightning: Max
Salvation: Max

Offensive Aura:
Might: 1
Holy Fire: 1
Thorns: 1
Holy Freeze: 1
Sanctuary: 1
Conviction: until you hit lvl 25

Combat Skills:
Sacrifice: 1
Smite: 1
Holy Bold: 1
Zeal: 1
Charge: 1
Vengeance: Max
Blessed Hammer: 1
Holy Shield: 1


  • Most of the time Zeal is better
  • He requires a lot of Skill points and you can’t max all synergies
  • He has no AOE attack
  • He’s slow
  • He needs a lot of Mana (that’s why Mana leach is important)
  • Expensive
  • Always weaker than a Tesladin, Dragondin or Auradin, even with very similar gear


  • Lot of Variety in Gear and Skill Tree
  • Hit’s like a truck
  • Very tanky
  • Doesn’t need sunder charms
  • Can farm everywhere
  • Off-Meta build

Here’s a build which focuses purely on the Vengeance Skill:
Damage against cows 5989–23974
Damage per second against cows 48331

Weapon: Breath of the Dying
Helm: Nightwing’s Veil (or Griffon) +30 max Dmg Jewel
Shield: Phoenix
Armor: Black Hades x3 +30 max Dmg Jewel (or Enigma)
Amulet: Highlord’s Wrath
Rings: Raven Frost & Min Max Dmg Rings (with Enigma +10 FCR, Or Bul-Kathos)
Belt: Thundergod’s Vigor
Gloves: Dracul’s Grasp
Boots: War Traveler
Weapon 2: CTA
Shield 2: Spirit
Grand Charms: 14 Max Dmg, 76 AR
Small Charms: 4 Max Dmg, 20 AR

Merc: Act1 Fire Arrow (because you need corpses for Redemption)
Weapon: Faith (lvl12 Fanaticism is enough)
Helm: Andy Face
Armor: Fortitude

Vengeance: Max
Conviction: up to lvl 25
Resist Fire: Max
Resist Cold: Left over points
Resist Lightning: Max

Strength: at least 200
Dexterity: 75% block chance with Holy shield
Vitality: Rest