Uber Merc for Death Zealot

Hey ! I just finished my uber death zeal din and now the question is if there is any chance of gearing up merc who will survive uber trist.
I’m thinking about merc with eth ga / pride / andi/quilliams all umed to counter conviction vs eth ga eth reapers toll eth andy/guilliams all umed + 15all res jewel in reaper’s toll.
Any suggestions ?

I’ve never Solo’d Ubers.
I have 2 Pally’s I do Ubers with - with friends… 1 is a pure Zealot, the other is a Zealot-Tesladin… Both are heavily invested in Smite for Ubers/DClone.
Both Pally’s run with an Act1 Merc running Forti, Andy’s and Mist(Zealot) and Faith(Tesla) bow.
Act1 merc is usually/often still standing when the Ubers are finished…

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I do solo uber tristam & this is what my Merc uses.

Helmet : Rockstopper
Armor : Upgrade Shaftstop

Weapon : ETH War Pike
Runeword = Botd.

I am open for a better helmet, but it is working on my merc.
What helmet do you use?

Well. I tried to solo with mist bow merc and it works pretty nice. I also always solo ubers…
Maybe one day Ill try might merc with botd - seems legit.
Helmet on my merc is andy, without lifesteal she often dies with andy she is pretty much immortal… basicly solo zealot is nice. One more thing Id like to change is to go phoenix instead of exile for more dmg :slight_smile: right now it works pretty nice.


what’s the point of her? sounds like she’s useless tbqh what does she do?.

you see, this is where everyone who mocked Last Wish get’s caught in 4k.

Get an act 5 frenzy merc with Last Wish, eth upped Headstriker um’ed, um’ed Guardian Angel, um’ed Kira’s, and your fanat aura. proc his fade before meph and he can solo meph himself even though he doesnt need to because you’re doing it faster, he could.

gg ez

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