Twitter, Really?

OK, so I’ll take that as a giant “NO” to my question.


They have a twitter account along with other social media accounts for D2R because not all players will visit the forums. Some only use Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, etc… So they want to make sure that they can connect with as many players as possible. Sticking only to the forums would miss so many other fans of the game.

What they should do though is post server outages here as well as the other places as well.

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Twitter is great for updating the D2R community regarding events, maintenance, and updates but should be used as a supplementary means of communication not primary.

just shows how badly they want to avoid talking/listening to their customers on this website.

Es una verguenza, concuerdo totalmente con el autor


Transparency is a great way to build a successful community and I am glad the video that I sent to all of the higher ups on Twitter last night/morning has helped motivate them to have better communication with their player base today with their new post. This is the time stamp video I sent to them last night. Twitter really does work if you want your message to be heard by Blizzard’s DEV’s.

I don’t even have twitter - is it way to much to ask if the official communication about the game even reach this forum?

The post is on this forum under the Blizz Tracker tab. Even the new co-president of Blizzard Mike Ybarra is on Twitter and uses it to communicate with others daily and he also streams on Twitch. Blizzard uses Twitter/Reddit more than their forums these days because it reaches a larger audience and you cannot fault them for doing that because it’s still a money making corporation after all.

Yes, you can. Marketing is objectively a bad thing if it makes their products worse.

How many teenagers are chomping at the bit to play Diablo II? I mean. . . I’m 47, and I’m playing it with my wife for a trip down memory lane. Is there REALLY any interest in this game by anyone younger than about 30?


Yes sir. Twitter is just toxic.

they dont care they dont even care to take care of the spamming bots everywhere or the poeple mf botting at all and never will they are just glad they got more money for something thrown together most likely before they sell their company or just shut down its pathetic you can even baal walk or tele half the time because everyone wants to mf some where else and then leave the game when they are done .they need to just let us ONLINE switch it to 8 players to mf our self because its all pretty much pointless at this point when hey i could go spend 5 $ then and have whatever i want thanks to the botters and good luck finding a group in chat if you can get past the bot chat spam that is which is almost impossible thanks to the idiots who are doing it and yet they do not care never have if they did it wouldnt be a problem they probably sold out to twitter for what add revenue or some b.s all i see is this game becomeing a waste of time and harddrive space :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The “Pretty Hate Machine”

I created my twitter account just to get server updates as well. Thought it a bit odd.

Perhaps they are in cahoots with Twitter to get more people to join the service :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate twitter.
Never had an account and not willing to get one.
You will never find me at facebook.
Not every human being is so facinated with giving social things to public.
It really should not be such big, huge, gigantic, unbelievable task for you to show such messages at the official forum.
Or I say shame, shame, shame


I need to open twitter to see server crash/reborn on Diablo.
I need to open twitter (of some noname developers or even designers) to see cards will be nerfed in Hearthstone.
Looks like Blizzard should remove app/forums, It’s useless to find information :expressionless:

right there with you buddy im really close to asking for a refund because this is just getting ridiculouse

I’m not saying your right or wrong because all your here to do is turn this into something else. Your just looking to agitate out of boredom, go find a conspiracy forum where people actually want to listen to you? if there is a place.

They are too lazy to even have a diablo 4 forum…