Trying to max out my summon necro, 2 questions regarding pride and beast

online solo, mainly for TZ and uber

for beast, I’m going to use it myself, happened to find a 5os twin axe, does the base matter in this case, not going to sell or share.

for pride, planning to use it on IG, currently running a eth CV based insight IG (eth for the style) with golem mastery of 40/16 (current/base) and ir of 25/1, are these enough to keep it alive even for uber? my insight IG doesn’t die, but while running down dclone the health bar does go down hence the concern, and which base for pride is the best for IG, CV?

Iron Golem transforms to Insight. Risk of death from the iron golem is real. Between losing Lo, Sur and Cham and losing a Sol the choice is pretty obvious.

Pride has to be taken by the mercenary. Best armor for the mercenary using Pride in this case is obviously the Duress by CB and OW and the helm is with the lifesteal.

Always keep an obedience on hand. With pride in the merc your army will always start with you catching skeletons in the pind portal.

In case of death you will have to change the weapon of the merc to make your army.

Beast is just there for Fanat so you want to make it in a weapon with low rec’s, unless you plan on re-purposing it from something else later.

Expect to lose the IG, that’s just good planning, if he lives, good job.

The key on the skellies is survivability not really damage, they chip away which is nice but surviving is the key. Udars are the real key to getting the Ubers done.

on IG, are its stats fixed the moment you summon it? so when you summon you’d better just pump up the skills for it? if so does CTA take into account as well, if all is correct, what about when you level up, will its stats change or stay the same unless your add the skill points higher than its current one?

Best I’ve been able to tell is it gets fixed the moment you spawn into the game. Thus if you log out with ‘summoning’ gear it will be stronger that time vs if you log out nekkid.

I use an eth CV for my pride golems

eth because it makes him transparent for style
CV because it has the best(worst) combinaton of attack range and speed.
I don’t want my pride golem hitting anything, he sometimes casts blind on hit that overrides my amp which is sometimes half annoying for physical immunes. His dmg is pretty bad so i want him swinging slowly and with as little range as possible.

Always 1 point IG. In the past I’ve done 5 or 10 base point into golem mastery to boost his hp, 20% hp per level. Then I hit him with my cta lvl 19 bo. This season I’m 1 pointing golem mastery as well which is slightly riskier. i feel that 5 base points is a fair compromise. I lose 0-1 pride golems per season.

the concentration aura is more straight dmg than the might from merc and fanatacism from beast COMBINED. having all 3 auras is what turns geared necs into GOD necs.

melee skeles doing 60k damage per second
merc at 40k dps
mages at around 10k depending on elements
my pride ig does 1-2k dps at best.

none of this dmg includes 41 revives or corpse explosions

2 answers:

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