Time to buff Summon Resist

seriously, this one point wonder is such a bad skill, and needs a serious tweak on diminishing returns. Right now, the max you can ever climb up to, if you’re insane enough to do so, is 74% resistance, and this is bad for something as an expensive investment as Iron Golem, the only minion in the game that actually requires something far more than just mana. When fighting against Hell Mobs that continuously have Aura Enchanted, and have a chance of dropping Conviction, that doesn’t look good for something rather expensive, especially with the fact that even with a meaty investment, you’re still looking at a -80% All resistance reduction right out the front gates, meaning your Iron Golem is about to melted into molten slag, and don’t get me started on Uber Mephisto, that -120 all res for a precious IG is astronomical.

I propose a tweak in the perk that caps it’s diminishing returns down to 2-3% per level after it hits the lowest (which I believe is at level 9). This way, it’s still a 1 point wonder who do not care much of their summons, but for those that want to truly invest into a sturdy summon army, they can get a powerful set of resistance to help combat Conviction Auras in Hell, which are pretty common. May not be entirely foolproof unless you have a ton of + Skills focused in it, but at least it’s there to actually help and not be a simple skill point sink.

you know, if you learned how to use your curse tree those conviction mobs arent a threat.

aside from that, i think summon resist is a talent that has never seen anyone intentionally put more than 1 point into it, and should be changed to add more bonuses then just resist, in order to make it a worthwhile talent to invest into. Let’s move summoners away from Corpse explosion and more towards summons.

first of all, that’s ignoring the issue, and 2nd of all, Decrepify only increases the time your minions get blown apart in Hell. Again, the entire point of the discussion is to buff Summon resist, and my changes would do just that.

dont be ridiculous. you basically are asking for invincible minions, something us REAL summoners despise. REAL summoners know how to handle the occasional conviction mob. Stop being lazy and unwilling to get good. Skeletons are literally invincible 99% of the time.

A REAL summoner would be asking for damage buffs, because that’s what they need. It’s stupid we have to rely on merc crushing blow and corpse explosion to play the game at a reasonable pace. We’re summoners, not CORPSE EXPLODERS. Let our summons do damage. I watch sorcs pallies and zons fly by at the speed of light decimating the screen while i sit by and sludge at a snails pace, unless i use corpse explosion. Should just rename the entire class Corpse Explosioner…

“Real summoners”, Bravata, you’re talking out of your backside. You’re a known troll across the forums, and you’re gonna need to try harder.

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