Throwing bug: Throwing potions are juggling between your hands randomly

On a Barbarian, dual wielding throwing potions of different types (strangling potions and fulminating potions, for example) they’ll randomly swap hands for no apparent reason. Sometimes, your left click will be throwing one potion, then randomly your left click will switch to the other potion.

Furthermore, sometimes the visual effects will be from one of the potions, but the actual effect will be from the other. For example, sometimes the potion thrown will look like it’s the fulminating potion, but it is actually the strangling gas potion being thrown. The little explosion from the fulminating potion will be seen, but an invisible gas cloud will be there.

This is quite frustrating because it seems to be totally random as to when it happens. You’ll be spamming one potion, then suddenly it swaps to the other potion.

Yes I agree, weshould definitely do something with throwing potions.
Could be so fun and they should have several reasons to exists.

  • Work with throw mastery and double throw
  • Damage per level
  • Drinkable for fire enchantement or venom
    Imagine ! :slightly_smiling_face:

While making throwing potions more interesting could be cool, I feel like that’s more of a thing that goes into the realm of mods and things. They’d have to change a lot and add a lot of new stuff to make them worth using, such as having unique ones and such.

I’d rather they just fix the bug for the sake of the early game, where these potions are actually useful.

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Thanks for reaction here.
Yes, something should and could be done.
What I suggested wouldn’t be to risky for the game !?
Throwing potions should have a reason to be…