The ULTIMATE Necromancer leveling Build Guide Super Easy and Super Cheap

Hey what’s up everyone. I often get asked about a Necromancer leveling build/guide. I sat down and condensed all the info into 1 video which covers all difficulties and all the best strategies to easily beat the game. This video is intended for solo self found Necromancer players. It requires no gear in Normal and Nightmare, and a few super cheap runewords in Hell difficulty. In my humble opinion, this is the best necromancer leveling build strategy which should work for everyone.

I hope you enjoy the vid as much as I did making it. I proudly but also humbly present the ultimate Necromancer leveling build guide:


not sure what prejudice you have against skeletons, pretty suss imo.


Hahaha :slight_smile:


Skulm was doing his best not to even use a merc. I personally think it’s easier to level up a summoner but there’s a lot of people who think Bonemancers are better for leveling. I guess it’s cuz I’m lazy and others prefer to actively play and be the source for the damage. Either way they are both really easy builds through normal.

Essentially he shows you can take a virtually naked necy through the game.


Exactly! As long as you use a proper strategy, the game can easily be beaten even in Hell difficulty.

I also wanted to offer a sure-fire approach where a hybrid build is utilized especially for Hell, which does offer enormous power even without decent gear.

With a non geared necromancer bone is the fastest way to level its not even up for debate. You get a double tir’d cap and double tir’d armor and you refund your bone spear on packs early. Summons are good but they can’t be the kill times of an ungeared necro with a 3 to bone spear wand shopped from drognan. Skulm is correct about Bone being the fastest for leveling without premade gear. You decrpy bosses on top of bone prisoning them it makes hardcore boss fights an absolute meme encounter. I have hustle in a double axe on my summoning necromancer with an eth obedience thresher and i absolutely deleted hell with just those two items alone.

TL:DR Bone Necro saves your sanity in the maggot lair.


Maggot Lair itself is enough to go with Bone spells :slight_smile:


You’re talking pure bone or hybrid like his build?

Pure bone for starting out through normal then you can hybrid later when you get better gear. Really no reason not to have revives in any build on the necro though so those i would have at least on all bone variations 1 pt wonder that makes you a much better boss killer.


Revives also retain the properties of hell difficulty monters, so they will be much more durable compared to below budget setup skeletons etc. Therefore Revive is a very low budget setup friendly ability. Something to add to your nice input.

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all they need to do is widen the paths there and in arcane like project diablo did

There is only ONE tried and proven method of building a Necro-Summoner, the strongest build for Necromancers.

End of story, no matter what noob tells it, LMFAO!!!