The solution to sets and uniques

Was apparently the expansion of runewords into more bases.

After so much feedback about how the changes to sets on 2.4 does almost nothing to address the usefulness of sets, the development team is bringing a total of ZERO changes in the newest iteration of 2.4 for sets and uniques…


I think a cool fix would be to have the maximum amount of sockets installed through crafting and Larzuk increased to the max available for the base.
Have the items bonuses increase when upgrading them along with the defence/damage increase and requirements.
20% IAS would become 25% when upgraded to exceptional and would become 30% when upgraded to elite. Use sockets quest for max sockets, fill it with 4 IAS jewels then you get an armour with 90% IAS making it easier to hit max breakpoints.

(This would take a while to implement tho)
(And might be unbalanced in some cases)

I, along with others, have made multiple suggestions that help address set and unique issues:

As intended, they have stated that unique isn’t on the list of patch note for 2.4, they do have plans for unique in future patches tho.

I mean come on. They have done sh1t ton of changes already, and we have a long road ahead.

Stop bashing for every little thing’s and let dev look at things phase by phase and make adjustments accordingly.


Yeah, I agree, the intention of Patch 2.4 was to make underused classes/skills more viable… It was not to “fix literally every problem in the game”.

Would much rather Blizzard stay focused on particular areas, and make that the “theme” of future patches.

Changes and improvements to uniques and sets probably need a separate patch that focuses all attention on them… Rather than half-a$$edly trying to squeeze improvements into this patch…

It’s a lower priority (nice to have) if you ask me, Act 6 would be more welcome :slight_smile:

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From the 2.4 notes:

    Developer Comments: Many improvements have been made to Set items that are generally underused by players. These will offer more reasons to equip multiple of these Set pieces and to give some Sets new capabilities to make them stand out more, which further fuels more build diversity.

They have already “half-a$$edly” implemented set changes… :rofl:

Please don’t be that guy for whom nothing is enough. More patches will come, one will focus more on items.

There is literally nothing… :rofl:

It is more than enough for the majority of us. Because it’s more than we got in the past 11 years combined. Deal whit it.